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Rachel Maddow and Ana Marie Cox Debate Discuss the Merits of Tea-Bagging

I feel dirty.

And also, somehow, proud of Rachel Maddow and Ana Marie Cox. Tonight on Rachel's show, they found the Holy Grail of double entendre. I wonder if Glenn Beck gets it.

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The Blame Game: It's Your Fault that America is on the Road to Ruin

These days, everybody is blaming someone. The democrats blame the republicans, who blame them right back. The rich blame the poor. The poor are ordering pitchforks.

New York blames Detroit. Detroit blames the labor unions. Labor unions blame Walmart. 

George Bush blames Osama bin Laden. DickCheney blames President Obama.  Evangelical Christians blame San Franciso values. Gays in California blame the Mormons (although, let's face it, when blame is launched, it can sometimes hit the target spot on).

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Should Free Speech Protect the Japanese Video Game RapeLay?

RapeLay is a Japanese video game that has been around since 2006. You can read about the details in an incredibly disturbing review at Although the game has never been for sale in the United States, it's existence became news last month when an individual put a copy for sale on  After receiving complaints, removed the game from it's Web site and eBay followed suit.

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A Nice Dream, Memories, and the Brutality of Alzheimer's Disease

My mother has been suffering from Alzheimer's Disease for about 15 years, and for each of them, I could write for days about the horrors of insurance, or lack thereof, about doctors and nursing homes that forget that for every patient there is a story and that, for the family that story involves real and raw pain, and about my visceral reaction to losing my mother, over and over again, for almost my entire adult life. But the one thing that I couldn't write about was my memory of her. 

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The Vatican Issues a Special Message in Honor of International Women's Day: Ladies, Love your Maytag

There is a vast amount of stupidity in this world and an even vaster amount of self-righteous and willful ignorance. So, congratulations to the Vatican for releasing perhaps the most monumentally ridiculous statement of the decade. With Republicans running amok, that is some accomplishment. Says the (all male) Vatican:

Nothing has contributed more to the emancipation of women than the washing machine.

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Around the World in 80 Songs: Argentina


When you think about music and Argentina, do you immediately think tango?

You’re not alone. Argentina is known for unleashing the sexy style on the world in the early twentieth century. Over almost a hundred years, the tango has been an obsession of many, even leading to an explosion of tango-themed vacation tours.

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A Powerful Noise is a Powerful Film

In honor of the upcoming International Women’s Day (March 8th), last night the documentary film A Powerful Noise was screened simultaneously in 450 theaters nationwide. A panel discussion followed the film, and included five individuals involved in some capacity in aide work.

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Penguins and Dragons and Reason, Oh My: A Visit to the Creation Museum

Because of distance and three adorable and energetic kids, my best friend and I rarely have the luxury of spending time alone. But last Friday, we had the pleasure of spending an entire afternoon together. After lunch, we found ourselves at the Cincinnati Art Museum, and after wandering the galleries for about a half-hour, I asked an innocent question about other museums in the area. With a mischievous grin, my friend informed me that the Creation Museum was just a short drive over the state line into Kentucky.

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Live Blogging the Academy Awards

It's finally here--the night when we get answers to all of our burning questions. Just how ugly will Anne Hathaway's dress be? Will Kate Winslet give her acceptance speech with a German accent? Will Mickey Rourke wear a tuxedo or tights and a cape?

And here we go.


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