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SimONE or Mrs. Sartre?

How come our knowledge of Simone de Beauvoir is so limited? It's not like she wrote only 1 book.

Cattle call? pas d'tout, Moroccan roll

Kinda remind me of 60's bands before they learned performance, or late folk era - something very earnest.

Petula Clark's Endless Career

Still remember one holiday to Texas and the beach in '65, where Downtown was everywhere.
And a summer 1967 at the pool with the somehow stirring "Don't Sleep in the Subway Darling"
And then Petula Clark's tribute on some Bob Hope special '72 singing Penny Lane/Eleanor Rigby feeling a bit dated

Tears in the Rain - RIP Rutger

Realized I'd seen Hauer in 2 movies long ago, Turkish Delight & Spetters from his Dutch movie days.
But his brilliant presence in Blade Runner remains unforgettable, including the mesmerizing final soliloquy he penned, knowing he needed something special, something more - the replicant with a soul, with vigor, with yearning.
Somewhat like his take-no-prisoners approach to life - he lived what he felt, pushed the edges - "now you've seen some of my world", he cautioned a shaken journalist he'd just taken on a gonzo 200+ km/h motorcycle ride, "now you can interview me".

Regrets: how Dagblog used to be

An intellectual sewing circle? Diversity of opinion with interesting respectful perspective? Something to re-aspire to?

GoT Milk? Emilia Clarke means business

Not just a medieval character anymore, ready to do business - and take us with her on that journey.


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