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DoJ Krazy Thread VI

Stuff. Room for stuff.

Yeah, everyone needs an overflow room, things that kinda fit, (maybe when you lose a few pounds?), So we'll just pít em over here.

Read this girl's thread. She's Indonésan So you dont.

DoJ Flynn & co Death March Kraziness V

Roger effing Stone  - whooda believered it.

Little boy spanked by teacher. Will He ever learn?

Malcolm Gladwell: Sandra Bland & Talking to Strangers

An extremely timely book taking a widesoread Analysis of different factors going into Sandra Bland's death, here's a decent extensive review.

DoJ Flynn Kraziness IV - Advanced Circuitry

Long but worth it explanation onf Mandamus & options (including Marty's prior piece linked within)

Bonnie Pointer - yes we can can

Liked those Charleston/Harlem outfits
What better than Soul Train to display her skills

The King: Big Boy Choices

Jarecki & (not just) Elvis - Podcast

[relevant for today's disturbances]

DoJ Flynn Kraziness III - The Transcripts

PS/ The investigation ongoing into Flynn in late 2016 was a counterintelligence investigation; a criminal investigation came later. But the *concepts* undergirding the Logan Act, a criminal statute, are actually even more *richly* in play in a *counterintelligence* investigation.


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