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Trump/Barr/DoJ/WH Corruption XI

Belarus: women's crusade

Trump/Barr/DoJ/WH Corruption X

Barr hid Russian IRA activity


Kruschev revisited

The opening summary of Stalin & WWII worth the price of admission

Belarus - The Movie

[prior thread here]

Shere Hite climax: clit legacy left behind

Had she focused on the mind, maybe she'd have been a revered psychologist using relatively traditional scholarly methods. Or maybe not. Still, "different strokes for different folks" - a rule of thumb that's easy to follow.

Spy Grrrl Diana Rigg

Not to mention The Hospital and The Great Muppet Caper.

But sporting that sleek spy suit... even Game of Thrones could never top that. Though the Bond role came close.

You will be Avenged.


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