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NFT Art crash already?

Berkeley Telegraph: Hippie & Redneck Conversion

All those drugs ran over whatever great ideas they had.

And yet what's running over the ideas of the rest of America?

It's one thing to blame lunatic fringe theory on acid and lures - another when it's just listening to talk radio.

Where have all the flowers gone?

Truman's Campaign of Truth

Beginnings of Voice of America and challenging disinfo

(is this culture? or just old politics? certainly marked a "sea change" in radio)

A Career in Writing

As we all debate Substack and what not, let's look at the glamour and appeal of a career in writing (yes, a bit dated - perhaps)

Welcome back Kotto (aka catching cabs in NY)

Nice elegy by Dennis Hartley for Yaphet Kotto - one of those faces you knew only too well even if you didn't know his name, along with this gem on how not to catch a cab in New York, courtesy Michael Moore.

Thanks for all the films, i feel indebted.

Murder on the Hippie Highway

The story of a mass murderer with a huge amount of magnetism and extreme ability to make things go his way - whether a Jeffrey Epstein, a Donald Trump, or a more obscure minor tyrant, it's a disturbing reminder of how easy it is for some to turn on the charm and extortion, contrary to our lawful rational universe expectations.

Rosie Perez tale

Somehow reflects on so many things we discuss around here, seemed worth the read.


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