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2020 Rejects & Remainders

Ok, was trying to stay out of this, but so far the "no way Jose" list:

- Tulsi Gabbard (Fox hawk if not Russian asset in Hawaiian hulu skirt with jackboots)

- Howard Schultz (latte corporate vulture with an odd sense of "centrist" looking more like "blame the Dems for asking for nice things" misguided conception of "independent", while pitching a well-tarnished "businessman saves America" deficit-scold message. 15 years ago maybe - plus a business run only on young hipster easily-exploited youth hardly seems like it offers a breakthrough message for the rest of us)


A True Hallmark, and a Botful Xmas to you

Now We Know: Hillary Was A Great Candidate

There are many more details to come out of our continuing political saga, soap opera, meltdown, but at this point we have enough details to know what should have been suspected all along: Hillary was a great candidate.

This doesn't mean she didn't make a bunch of mistakes - whom among us has not?


Dragging the Line: Notre Nouvelle Vague

     The backpackers of yesterday have given way to a sea of wheel-enabled dinosaurs crossing the landscape - the station is a rolling thunder of luggage, the assumed posture is an arm behind and a mobile-wielding arm afore. There is no need for questions - everyone's self-assured, the google has it all in hand. There is little "free" among this traveling lot - they've got their Ubers and AirBNB's lined up, maps to guide them, a Yelp or 4Square of available restaurants, and naturally a best-rated list of sites & things to do. Weather?

Creative Confusion (3x5 index bards)

What WSJ knew & when: Avenatti dumps

To:               Michael Cohen[mcohen©trumporg corn]
From:          Keith Davidson
Sent:           Thur 11/3/2016 7:31:38 Al

Subject: Fwd. WSJ


Sent from my mobile device Begin forwarded message

From: Keith Davidson <[email protected]>
Date: November 2, 2016 at 3:43 :32 PM PDT
To: "Palazzolo, Joseph" <[email protected]>, "[email protected]" <[email protected]_com>
Subject: RE,: WSJ


We spoke last week. At that time, I told you that I had never represented Donald Trump nor anyone adverse to him.

Yet you persist to call anyone and everyone under the sun, (including my current clients with whom I have contractual relationships), and whom I am currently representing in litigation matters.

I understand that you are attempting to report that I am representing "women from Donald Trump's past" and that I am "presumably seeking settlements_"


Silver Lining: the Skin I'm Not In

Realizing AR/VR will make this appropriation "problem" mainstream everpresent  explosive inevitable or go away completely. With Second Life 15 years ago you could make your own avatars and virtual worlds, appropriating whatever you wanted to from whomever and whatever. With Augmented and Virtual Reality, you no longer have to build your own worlds an characters - these are just new skins and templates in various libraries and pulled real-time out of real life. I don't even need to see *you* as you want - I can make you into a Tongan warrior princess (Maiello) or an effete Broadway theater goer (Peter) or a pack of feral kidney-craving zombies (all of you). I can change these instantly, or choreograph you lip-syncing to Justin Bieber or baying at the moon or giving a spanking to Donald Trump while watching Shark Tank. You will no longer be in control of your own image - your $100 hairdo can be remodeled in a moment to a depression-era bowl cut. Not into tattoos? You are now, right on the _ _ _ _. Weight problem? I just gave you anorexia (and a skin disease - sorry, got a bit carried away).


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