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On the Art of Translating: Constance Garnett

I've obsessed over Camus translations. García-Marquez and Milan Kundera spent years shepherding translations of their works. Others we broach the language and linguistic challenges to "read it in the original", trusting ourselves with the sleight of hand. [Perhaps to suffer the fate of our Great Dame in Paris, as revealed in her diaries: "Reading Proust." Years later: "Still reading Proust."] A wise ole teacher once remarked to me "who translates from a translation betrays twice." or something similar.


Place holder for Uke-Gate stories that shouldn't roll off the blogroll. Will update number as it climbs. Not sure yet which stories qualify, but probably ones that best support the limited area of Uke-Gate & similar acts being impeachable behavior, and not just a one-off but repeated violation and/or dereliction of duty.

1) Trumps's private hush hush hit team - Rudy, DiGenova, Toensing -

2) Ur-Report of Uke-gate - where this reporting started (James Risen - from which it got twisted) -

Updated in May by Robert Mackey to correct NYTimes reporting that left way too much innuendo:

3) Did Trump withhold a memo from Mueller summarizing key Russia meeting?

4) When Jared got a blockade put on Qatar after Qatar wouldn't help out on his property - earlier Trump Shakedown Street example -

5) How Memorializing Conversations works/should work in the White House, including reaching consensus & distributing that info to affected persons/departments -

6) Special Ukraine Envoy Volker's odd conflicts of interest -

Lit Reading: Best of 21st Century

20 Years in, how much have you read - and how well's the end of writing as we know it holding up?



SimONE or Mrs. Sartre?

How come our knowledge of Simone de Beauvoir is so limited? It's not like she wrote only 1 book.


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