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Neuromancer grown up: Future as Past

We're already living he future - not as a singularity, but as a haphazard assault on the senses.

Will we survive? How even to process this as a writer - there's nothing ooh-aah that's not taken over in 5 seconds by something outlandish on the outside, either political ore technological or societal. The Seer is struggling to keep up.

William Gibson:



Maus Over: A Look in the Spiegel, Man

[worth holding around longer than In The News pieces]

While Art Spiegelman became the persona he'd resisted:

Fascinating read how comic book heroes grew up mainly as creation of mainly underclass Jews as some kind of New York groundswell of response to rising fascism:

On the Art of Translating: Constance Garnett

I've obsessed over Camus translations. García-Marquez and Milan Kundera spent years shepherding translations of their works. Others we broach the language and linguistic challenges to "read it in the original", trusting ourselves with the sleight of hand. [Perhaps to suffer the fate of our Great Dame in Paris, as revealed in her diaries: "Reading Proust." Years later: "Still reading Proust."] A wise ole teacher once remarked to me "who translates from a translation betrays twice." or something similar.


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