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The Pajama Man

I am writing a blog I'm the Pajama Man I'm writing a post today For I am really in the mood For a light taste of crude And you all got me feelin all right dadadadaaada dadadadadadada Now I'm so...
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I really am dumbstruck. At least for a guy who cannot shut up.  I thank everyone for all the kind things they have said in some of the blogs I have been able to read.  Except for Q's comment of...
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The Penance of Pirates; The Prologue

Veni  Vidi   Vici Three years of high school Lingua Latina and two more years of the same in college and this like is abut all I can translate. One of my favorite movies that is aired once a month or...
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Arthur of the Roundish Table: THE TREE BANGERS BALL

  Public Servants: Persons chosen by the people to properly distribute graft. (M. Twain) The problem aint that there are too many fools. The problem is that bolts of lightning are not properly distributed. (M. Twain) ? Meanwhile, back at Camelot:...
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The Sacred and The Profane: Fulton J. Sheen

Fulton J. Sheen was the Archbishop for Rochester, New York, once upon a time. A pretty awesome and powerful position in those days. As a child of six or eight, he was THE representative of God on earth. I mean...
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I enjoy it when I agree whole heartedly with a beast such as rush. I get my biggest response when I play with a known fascists own language.  Most of the time I not only quote word for word, I...
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LEAVE IT TO BEAVER: Lessons Learned

Ahhh. Leave it to Beaver. Make fun of that show if you will, but I learned valuable lessons watching that show as a tot. I recently caught a classic lesson the other day.Beaver and Larry Mondello (The most 'ethnic' the...
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RUSH LIMBAUGH: A New Voice of Hope in Trying Times

I have read some blogs recently that appear to put a damper on hope, hope for a new America with our New President. With our fairly new Speaker of the House. With a real majority in the Senate. I am...
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The Manchurian Candidate

The Manchurian Candidate is the title used in two films. The one released starring Sinatra and Lawrence Harvey in the early 1960's and kind of hidden following the Kennedy Assassination. And the most recent starring Streep and I never remember...
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Arthur of the Roundish Table: The Quest of Tom Delay

Sir Quixotic and Beau Manes had been traveling east from Cornwall for five days. They had delivered the treasure, taxes or ransom or whatever to the midget king. Well they had to go north a little too if you look...


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