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LEAVE IT TO BEAVER: Lessons Learned

Ahhh. Leave it to Beaver. Make fun of that show if you will, but I learned valuable lessons watching that show as a tot. I recently caught a classic lesson the other day.Beaver and Larry Mondello (The most 'ethnic' the...
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RUSH LIMBAUGH: A New Voice of Hope in Trying Times

I have read some blogs recently that appear to put a damper on hope, hope for a new America with our New President. With our fairly new Speaker of the House. With a real majority in the Senate. I am...
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The Manchurian Candidate

The Manchurian Candidate is the title used in two films. The one released starring Sinatra and Lawrence Harvey in the early 1960's and kind of hidden following the Kennedy Assassination. And the most recent starring Streep and I never remember...
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Arthur of the Roundish Table: The Quest of Tom Delay

Sir Quixotic and Beau Manes had been traveling east from Cornwall for five days. They had delivered the treasure, taxes or ransom or whatever to the midget king. Well they had to go north a little too if you look...
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Anthropomorphism: A Theorum

We begin with animism. In order to even get to this concept of anthropomorphism. Besides, it is easier to spell.  Animism is: The belief that plants and inanimate objects have souls. Anima meant soul in Latin. I do not think...
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An Ode to Days Passed: The End of Life as I Have Known It

All is lost.I have learned to survive on very little. I figure things out. I cannot figure how to become a contributing member of society, but I know how to make coffee last, how to go grocery shopping with less...
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This really began in the twenties. I had graduated from Anapolis and entered the Marines as a First Lieutenant in '19. I served thirteen months in Bagdad, before Iraq became the 51st State, was promptly sent to South Carolina where...
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Amidst the false claims of treasonThat go beyond all real reasonComes an omen too horrible to think onToo terrible for anyone  to imagineOut of the crazy cyber world, Comes the most important testThe greatest single threat we have had to...
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Ubermensch as a Hobby

There are some sports where you must begin with the proper announcer. Madden is one of those. Watching a football game is just not the same without Madden 'doing color'. The guy on Mad apes him the best. But...
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Arthur of the Roundish Table: THE SWORD IN THE STONE

Lancelot had finished one of those foot long subways and felt woozy to say the least. Much more satisfying than dried venison butt. The One who is Mostly Shunned led our hero back to the glen outside the forest perimeter....


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