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Patton Oswalt by Gage Skidmore 3.jpg


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Classroom at a seconday school in Pendembu Sierra Leone.jpg

Every time the Repubs and the Dems discuss problems with our nation and our children and....

Well....those pols always stress the importance of education.

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New hampshire in autumn.jpg

So the Spring has sprung

And our Summer is just gone

Autumn has arrived

Red and yellow trees

So many colors abound

Dead leaves on the ground

Dead leaves on the ground

And dying leaves on the trees

Crispness in the air

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refer to caption


There were those who took offense to Tim Tebow.

There was this football team who seemed to lose constantly and TT came along and served the team well.

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Twelve hours of sun

And then twelve hours of dark

Equal Equinox

But it rains all day

So its gray or dark all day

Unfair Equinox

I can take half bad

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I swore I would not rant about Rush anymore.

But here it is.

Rush went on a rant about Hurricanes and the conspiracy of media with entrepreneurs to scare citizens into purchasing the necessities of life.

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A dark icon of Jesus

It is a pity

That in this sad cap city

There just is no truth

And so it has been

For over two hundred years

Just a DC swamp

He shall drain the swamps

So sez our esteemed leader


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