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Vicente Fox flag.jpg

Vicente Fox is a great man!

Here is the once, great, President of Mexico on Bill Maher.

I always loved this guy.

I have watched this bilingual leader for years!


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There are new proposals concerning SNAP coming from the right and the WH
and the Repubs, but these proposals are not new.
Repubs have despised the food stamp program for decades.
I live on a small though median (it turns out) Social
Security payment once a month.
I also receive subsidized housing (30% + cable).
I am doing fine.
For some reason that I will never understand I receive
fifteen bucks in food stamps.
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Ike ended up a procurement officer.

Sure, Ike was a soldier in the beginning of his career.

But someone said that an army travels on its stomach!

You know, this guy ended up winning the ETO.

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Groundhog Day (movie poster).jpg

We had a tough winter in the Great White North!

This winter began October 23, 2017 with a blizzard that never really went away.

In 2016 the winter began on November 18th with the same type of blizzard.

I woke up this morning at 3.00 AM CST.

It was below zero.

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Not since the days of President Pierce or President Buchanan or President Jackson have Americans been more enamored by our Current Leader.

Tonight we shall be graced by the most inept English Speaker since George Bush Junior and yet, George W is looking better and better every damn day!

Did you ever hate someone so very very bad and question whether or not you are the mentally imbalanced and not the object of your vituperation?

So far only Melania is more pissed than I am?

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Today's events reminded me of an old blog I once wrote.

We are 54 minutes from shutting down the government.

Vote total?


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I have almost always lived in Minnesota

I watched my team lose four Superbowls. hahhahahah


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