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National Memorial Day Parade, Grand Marshall, Pat Sajak, Mon 30 May 2011 (11).jpg

Donald Trump is finally released from prison in 2022.

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Richard M. Nixon, ca. 1935 - 1982 - NARA - 530679.jpg

Director Robert S. Mueller- III.jpg

I have been confronted by this idea that Trump might fire the independent counsel appointed by the DOJ #2; meaning Mueller?

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I thought that something like this comment should be posted at Creative Corner since it really discusses subjects better described as entertainment.

I just felt that Maher did a good job last night.

A good job apologizing.

I have mentioned many times my love for Plato and his Apology.

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It is early and Dagbloggers generally have more to do than I on a Thursday Morning.

But then I thought what the hell; this may be the Congressional Super Bowl as so many pundits have said  the last week or so.

Let me just start off with a short Seder Video:

I cite this because it shows the Repub Ad against James Comey?

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Charging Bull statue.jpg

Our great leader just embarrassed the shit out of all of us.

This embarrassment is all over the web.


Trump is really a bull in a china shop.


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Lawrence O'Donnell at the NYC Women's March on 5th Ave. Jan 21st, 2017.jpg

There have been all these rumors of O'Donnell's demise at MSNBC.

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I had this great Memorial Day Weekend.

My son and I watched the Twins game; and we won!

Somehow when your team comes from behind and wins and is Numero Uno in the standings.

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Sally Q. Yates.jpg

I just kept thinking about Yates.

I am old and have no yearnings (so to speak) anymore.

But damn!




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