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Dwight David Eisenhower had to deal with the racial unrest in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957.

There is context here.

There are tomes discussing this context; these tomes abound.

This previous Supreme  Commander of the ETO and of course the principal director of the Allied DDay Invasion subsequently became the Supreme Commander of all Allied Forces in WWII. 

Ike ended up President of The United States of America.

This great man from Texas had never been a champion of Civil Rights. He once rued the day that he had appointed Earl Warren as Chief Justice of our Supreme Court.

But Ike had to 'step up to the plate' when Little Rock exploded whilst 'Negro Children' were attempting to enter school.

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Jackie Brown70's.jpg


I believe that I have viewed the film Jackie Brown ten times over the last two decades. Usually on Cable. 

Netflix just added this gem with its repertoire for the month of August.

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Halloween (1978) theatrical poster.jpg

Okay, so I am minding my own business and I find this gem?



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Sam Shepard Stealth crop.jpg

I was just viewing some rerun of NCIS-LA and I saw Miguel Ferrer. He was a major character in this long running drama.

Miguel died recently.


He was a son of one of my favorite actors of all time.

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I was taken aback (think of the effrontery, ha!) by this new White House Spokesman?

Of course this guy is another Goldman/Sachs piece of crap. hahahha

Oh and with nice greasy hair (I guess Charley Sheen sets the mode for this class of idiots?)

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I wrote about water on the moon 8 years ago.

The only reason I bring this up is because there
were 'hits' on this old blog this morning. hahahah

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Over the week-end, a White Australian Emigrant female was killed by the police.

This nice lady had called 911 because she was concerned about events happening outside of her home.

And this lady went outside to converse with someone in a car a few minutes later.

She evidently was discussing something with the driver of a car.

A squad car showed up.

And one of the cops shot her dead at the scene.

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Sun white.jpg

I had the opportunity to see my son three times in 15 days time?   The first visit had to be at the end of June

On the second meeting, on July 2nd? he produced his pixies and we all went to the park.

Do you realize that a five year old and a two year old can feel sorry for you?

We had a great time.

Anyway, I called my son a few days ago to discuss nonsense.

He put me off; he said he would call me back in an hour.

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Plato Silanion Musei Capitolini MC1377.jpg

For the first time in five years, I am streaming The West Wing on Netflix.

We need some reprieve from reality sometimes.

Here is one scene from one of my favorite dramas that really caught my eye:


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National Memorial Day Parade, Grand Marshall, Pat Sajak, Mon 30 May 2011 (11).jpg

Donald Trump is finally released from prison in 2022.


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