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Our esteemed leader has (evidently) gone from concrete to steel slats? to curtain rods to....?

Now the evil Dems have taken over the House (not the White House but the other House) and Spanky is having trouble keeping his sheets straight following his KFC orders delivered to his Lincoln Bedroom.

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Roy Moore is no longer 'hot news', to say the least.

Recently I was reminded of an older interview with this Alabama embarrassment by a recent interview with our current presidential embarrassment.

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I do not wish to hold myself out as an intellectual.

The best I can say is that over the last six decades I have read stuff.

'Sickness Unto Death' is a phrase that has stuck with me over those decades.

This phrase became a title of a book from Soren Kierkegaard, 

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Let us hope that the musical theme for tonight will be:

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I like Michael Tomasky.?

Last week or so I wished to link him and I discovered that I could not because I did not pay the extra fund.


No, we must now pay an extra fee to see extras?

So Tomasky (which is a great surname?) can be readily read by peons today.

Michael writes at the Daily Beast.


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