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    Coronary artery bypass surgery Image 657C-PH.jpg

    We are all dying.

    From the time the doctor notes our birth by some clock, we begin to die.

    Over the last five years, things have become more difficult..

    The experience of walking just two or three miles became more difficult..

    The experience of playing with my grandchildren became more difficult.

    The experience of simply getting dressed in the morning became more difficult.

    Over the last two years, I had difficulty walking more than a mile.

    I would find myself out of breath.

    I would find myself in cold and hot sweats.

    I would find my limbs sore and almost disabled.

    I would find my mind without aim or purpose.

    Beginning in May or June, I could not walk two blocks without severe problems.

    So, finally I reached the Urgency Room at my local hospital.

    Within three minutes of my narrative, officials sent me to the ER for further examination.

    At the ER, in was taken.....they no longer cared what I was saying.

    Shortly thereafter I was sent to Duluth for a cardiac assessment.

    Upon reaching the ER in Duluth, a doctor informed me that I would have to undergo


    Following that experience, I ended up in a OR for Quadruple Heart Bypass Surgery.

    All this occurred within three days time.

    I was hospitalized for a month.

    A week later I found myself under the knife to remove some cancerous legion on my chest.

    And right now, a week later, my neck is killing me?

    I am attempting to handle all this.

    I have friends and family doing all they can do to assist me.

    When I can rid myself of this last malady relating to my cervical spine, I will, hopefully, continue my

    narrative relating to this experience

    Anyway, I was thinking of my Pixies today.

    And this song came along.




    Hey thanks for writing this! I was wondering where you were and I happen to know from an email a ways back that Wolraich was, too! I for one am so grateful you survived! You always offered fun!  Don't you know that? You lighten everything up, you make the worst news fun.

    Keep on keeping on. As the 100-yr. old neighbor told me back when I was still a 50-something: listen kid, don't let anyone tell you living a long time is fun. She's dead now. You should consider commencing to do your best to convince us otherwise with your talent at written thoughts......maybe more later.

    Speaking of Pixies, Dick, you can tell them to just Gouge Away - but your mind's where you want it to be. Keep up the good spirits - you made it thru this much, might as well double down - "is that all you got?"

    (can't embed right now :-(

    Hey Dick, hey! Hey! HEY!

    Best song ever for being stuck in bed...

    You sound great. Keep moving and the neck should feel better.

    You are way behind on Dayly Awards but crouching over a computer on Dag is probably bad for the cervicals, so don't worry about catching up. Sounds like you have a fantastic family!

    Mr. Day! I just got back from the wilderness and saw your post. I have indeed been worried about you. I sent an email to check in on you some months ago and never heard back. I'm sorry to hear about your ordeals, but I'm glad that you've been weathering the storm, and it's great to hear from you. Hang tough, mister, and keep us posted.

    While we're on the early 80s.

    Keep hope alive on the neck thing! I betcha it's from being in the hospital bed, laying different that you did before. If you didn't have much problem with your neck before, know of what I speak. And I also know that when some docs are wont to say "it's arthritis,deteriorating spine live with it" they are wrong. \

    Mine was a side effect from extensive fucked up dental, I went from pinched nerve to nearly total paralysis of neck, I swear. So I get the MRI, the neurologist, others say "oh my god you have terrible arthritis in your neck". I am going but huh how come it never bothered me before, does "arthritis" happen all of a sudden like that?

    I was so miserable with it for months, and trying all the stupid drugs that didn't work with that.

    Went to some lousy crooked physical therapists, the only ones I could find on my insurance, for months, with not much  relief. Watched a lot of videos on You Tube by experts on the right exercises to do  that they weren't giving me. Finally found a great chiropractor, since he spoke the right wholistic words, I stayed with him six months. IT''S GONE, MY NECK IS BACK TO THE WAY IT ALWAYS WAS! The truth is: orthopedic docs and neurologist docs know little about where actual spinal pain comes from. They see some atypical shit on the imaging, they make the correlation/causation error. This is why lots of back surgey is a big fail. In actuality pain/stiffness does not correlate to that squished disc or whatever that they have been taught in med school to see, this probably happens the majority of the time!

    Anyhow, mine, it took like a year but it went away with this chiropractor's help and constantly trying to readjust sleeping situation at the sametime. Supposedly uncurable arthritis in my neck: gone.

    UNFORTUNATELY, HAH, welcome to getting old, with me, we have now moved onto my hips, with newly diagnosed supposedly uncurable arthritis diagnosis from you guessed it, another MRI.

    Which I am now convinced, looking back, seeing the symptoms grow,  occurred from changing my posture (of a worn down aged messed up spine) to accommodate for the stiff painful neck. We'll see. Doing both physical therapy and chiropractor this time, intensively.

    I figure that for you: you got so many new cleaned up body parts that it is definitely worth believing Dr. Arta on the internet that you should not presume your neck cannot get better.I haven't even gone there yet.

    Speaking of doctors on the internet, If you can't find a good physical therapist or chiropractor that is covered, go to YouTube. They are there--great ones, top guys who have helped a lot of people--give you all the tools to diagnose yourself and the right exercises to reverse the problem if you just force yourself to keep at them. Don't give up--I know having a stiff painful neck is miserable, but I believe and they also do that it can get better. Plus you spent too much time on cleaning yourself up to give up now.


    Dick, you have been on my mind too.  I have missed your lovely writing and your inciteful views of the world.  What an ordeal you have been through; but I am so glad you have support from friends and family.  I hope and expect that your recovery will move along, and just when you think you are stuck on a plateau, you will move forward again.  

    I am so very glad that you wrote this, and I hope you will send us (even snippets) to let us know how you are doing.  If it’s not against the rules, would you post your address?  

    Best wishes...sending good thoughts your way!!!!!

    You can click on Dick's profile & choose "Contact" at the top to send him email (opens at the bottom).

    (presuming he monitors his Dagblog email, but considering all his fan mail, I'd expect he'd at least have a contractor to handle it all...)

    Make it back, Richard.

    I am gonna try Moat. ha

    I have this neck thing now.

    I have difficulty just leaning over my desk.

    time will tell.

    Thank you Moat..

    Ah but he writes nonetheless! Moat is the magic muse.

    (Comes to mind: you need a Siri type lady that will take dictation!) Hope you're enjoying the news at least.

    Dear Dick...

    I've been MIA for months from Dag due to exactly what you have described here:

    The experience of simply getting dressed in the morning became more difficult.

    Over the last two years, I had difficulty walking more than a mile.

    I would find myself out of breath.

    I would find myself in cold and hot sweats.

    I would find my limbs sore and almost disabled.

    I would find my mind without aim or purpose.

    Beginning in May or June, I could not walk two blocks without severe problems.

    Now Dick, I promise you, I'm off to the cardio-pulmonologist for a cardiac assessment post haste.



    Ducky, they fixed me.

    No kidding.

    I just have other issues that are keeping me from posting.

    See the doc as soon as possible.

    They know what they are doing.

    Well that's some fine news among this shitstorm of politics - congrats, Dick. Now if they can fix my brain... or even my attitude...

    Great to hear you, Dick!!

    Well, gee.

    It is good to know folks are taking care of themselves.

    For what it's worth, I am still rocking the dialysis clinic three times a week.  So far, I have outlived the national  5 year average of surviving kidney failure by two and a half years.  My friend Andy has been a patient there for 14 years.  So, I ain't worried too much.  Plus it pisses off the health insurance companies that I don't have the decency to die and stop costing them so much money.


    Anyhoo, I'm glad to hear from Mr. Day and Ducky and the rest and to learn of your triumphs.

    Go wabby! Break those records!

    Wow... Dick!? reviving this.

    I just found my saved reply in my old computer files.

    As dick said: "We are all dying."

    Say that three times, slowly



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