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    Communication with cherubs over the phone is difficult; at least for me.

    When I am with them, I can at least make a face or express myself with hand movements or feign death.


    They like that.

    I recall during one visit that I picked up a two-year-old and whilst I was kissing her and hugging her I said:

    Has this baby ever seen an uglier human than me?

    My son chimed in:

    Pop, we have all been to Wallmart.


    I do on occasion speak with my pixies over the phone.

    I am never given a heads-up.

    I never have an opportunity to rehearse.

    But I am excited all the same.

    At least it is easier at this date to figure out the person with whom I am speaking!

    Willow is the easiest to identify.

    Hi Willow.

    Hi Pop.

    Are you having a nice day Willow?


    Did you go outside today?.


    Did you play on the swings?


    Did you jump on the trampoline?


    Did you ride your bike (read trike)


    Well Willow, I think about you every day.

    I love you Pop.

    I love you too Willow.


    So I knew immediately that I was speaking with a three-year-old.

    Now I was fooled when the 7 year-old Precious got on the phone.

    Hi Pop.

    Hi Precious. Say, what did you have for dinner tonight.

    Oh we had tacos.

    Oh I love tacos and I know that Daddy likes tacos too.

    What are you having for a treat tonight Pop?

    Well I am having ice cream;

    What flavor?


    Are you having anything with it?

    Actually Precious, I mix the ice cream with orange juice and it turns into a smoothie.


    What kind of ice cream are you having tonight?

    We get three kinds of ice cream.

    Oh, is it Neapolitan. Are there three colors to the ice cream?


    There is white ice cream and pink ice cream and brown ice cream?


    And you like this?

    How was school today?

    I only have three days left of school for the year.

    Oh my goodness! No more teachers and no more books.


    It never occured to me that this angel had completed the first grade. I felt like an idiot.

    For good cause! ha

    Jolee gets on the phone and tells me all about ice cream.

    Yes, it is Neapolitan.

    Why on earth this kind of ice cream is named after Naples is beyond me.


    Finally Mom comes on the phone. We discuss children.

    The last time they were here, Precious along with her cousin would pick up Willow and handle her

    like she was a doll. Of course Willow had to be in the mood.

    I know, she has to be in the mood.

    We discussed other subjects and then Mommy announced:

    Willow is not getting any treat before bedtime because of how she is acting tonight.


    I could not stop laughing.

    I could see this baby standing in the background; disgruntled.



    I thought about home.

    What is home?

    When my son comes home from work, he is greeted by his fans.

    His fans worship him.

    Home is really the place where one is greeted with respect and love.

    I have lived alone far too long.










    I really do enjoy reading about your pixies, Mr. Day.

    My oldest pixie, age almost 3, is going to the dentist for the first time today. Her baby teeth came in all crooked plus a significant overbite. She does not speak as clearly as any of your pixies appear to and we were wondering if the crooked teeth had anything to do with it.  We will learn today.  

    Her little sister, age almost 2, speaks quite clearly for her age. Her teeth are straight. No orthodontia for her!

    Ice cream is still the best thing ever invented.

    The end.

    Oh hi Wabby.

    My son has spent thousands on the babies' teeth and eyes and ears and....

    And he has insurance over and above from his employer.

    Sean is lucky.

    Oh, and Willow who is three has problems communicating at times.

    Jolee, the fouryearold has to translate to Mommy at times.


    I have spoken with my son at many times and I have him admitting that he is living in the Garden of Eden.


    Good to see ya.

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