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CANON X OF ETHICS FOR THE NET BLOGOSPHERE: Life is Just a Wonderful Bunch of Coconuts

  Email Me George W. Bush Pictures I usually do not like rich, powerful or famous people. That is mostly because I am not rich, powerful or famous. The fame part does not bother me much because I would...
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Arthur of the Roundish Table: Chivalry Part Deiux

  Back at Camelot, the School for Squires had reconvened, the little monsters who would take the reins from the best of all knighthood were throwing things at each other and saying the most nasty things...WHAT IS ALL THIS...
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Ethics of the Netwebblogosphere: TROLLING IN SHALLOW WATERS

We should be grateful for what we have. Coveting is strictly prohibited in Exodus and Deuteronomy. You should not covet thy neighbor's goods or his wife.  I do not know whether or not you can covet someone else's husband.  I...
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w's Biography: Decisions, Decisions

                                                 WHAT, ME WORRYA well-placed source in the publishing industry says George W. Bush's book deal is valued at about $7 million. The former president has already written 30,000 words of the book, to be published by Crown and...
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When I was a kid in the fifties there were certain truths, truths that could never be questioned. The Pope was God's representative on Earth and he should never be questioned even if he spent a lot of time wearing...
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Arthur of the Roundish Table: Chivalry and Master Rumpole

Back at Camelot we move into the Squire's School, run by Master Rumpole...All right, so which of you are sure that you shall become knights upon reaching that magic age of 13.  Come, come, SPEAK UP.  Richie, tell me, are...
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Canons of Ethics in the Netwebblogosphere: IS THIS THE PARTY TO WHOM I AM WRITING

The rules of the netwebblogosphere are important to us all. What we are looking for is clarity. The purpose of course, is to communicate with another human being (most of the time) in a manner that will make it possible...
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Arthur of the Roundish Table: The Secret of the Moat

Back at Camelot the King had just announced that there was "Peace in our Time" per the fine work of the Marquis de Sot and had awarded the greatest warrior in the battle against the Angles, Sir Dobbs a Medal...
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This is the age of the comic book super hero. Superman, Batman, Aquaman, The Xmen, ...


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