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Amidst the false claims of treasonThat go beyond all real reasonComes an omen too horrible to think onToo terrible for anyone  to imagineOut of the crazy cyber world, Comes the most important testThe greatest single threat we have had to...
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Ubermensch as a Hobby

There are some sports where you must begin with the proper announcer. Madden is one of those. Watching a football game is just not the same without Madden 'doing color'. The guy on Mad apes him the best. But...
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Arthur of the Roundish Table: THE SWORD IN THE STONE

Lancelot had finished one of those foot long subways and felt woozy to say the least. Much more satisfying than dried venison butt. The One who is Mostly Shunned led our hero back to the glen outside the forest perimeter....
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Michele Bachmann: AN ODE

Sometimes I am asea. I know not what to write about. Whereas, most of the time, I hold myself back or write something and hide it for awhile. The last three days have been remarkable. I arise and come to...
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Arthur of the Roundish Table: The Search for Thera Part Two

Our two and a half heroes proceeded toward the castle on the hill.  Sir Tristan noted that although it was growing dark, he could see the top most turret of the castle just above the horizon. Elfin would have pointed...
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Arthur of the Roundish Table: THE SEARCH FOR LADY THERA

Sir Tristan and Sir Quinn were now three days from The Wall, happy that the sun was out and enjoying the fresh air and aromas of the grasses and flowers.  I mean, they still liked girls and everything. But nonetheless...
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ALERT THE MEDIA; rush limbaugh has told the truth!!!!

Wall Street's well isn't completely dry: The New York Times reports that, last year, the top 25 hedge fund managers made $11.6 billion. Leading the way was James Simons of Renaissance Technologies, who made $2.5 billion. John Paulson of Paulson...
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DIVINATION: Or How to Succeed in Life Without Really Trying

There was a marvelous advertisement on PBS last year. I really do not know if they are still playing it since I usually check into a PBS show a few minutes after the hour so I do not have...
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How to Wright Good: Orwell & Twain

                                                                         Eric Arthur Blair You cannot rebel against a government unless you know something about that government. You cannot rebel against a set of rules unless you first understand those rules. If you wish to go where no man as...
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CANON X OF ETHICS FOR THE NET BLOGOSPHERE: Life is Just a Wonderful Bunch of Coconuts

  Email Me George W. Bush Pictures I usually do not like rich, powerful or famous people. That is mostly because I am not rich, powerful or famous. The fame part does not bother me much because I would...


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