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Arthur of the Roundish Table--The Great Race

Meanwhile back at Camelot:The big day is upon us, said Gaharis, clapping his hands in great satisfaction. We must balance our bets on this a little. But your stallion is beyond compare. Old Yeller shall have the day.I dunno, Gaharis,...
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Arthur of the Roundish Table (Ch-XXX)

    Sir Quixotic awoke. Refreshed. He felt so gooooood. At last he had found his love.As he awoke he looked around. The sun had been up an hour. A little chill but no clouds. He looked around. He was on...
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Julian Jaynes and The Word

Why do we need a god at all? Every single culture I have read about has at least one god. I do not enjoy reading the Bible. The first four Books of the New Testament are short and sweet and...
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Arthur of the Roundish Table (Ch-XXIX)

Our three dark age Musketeers (sans muskets) awoke and mustered their troops to attack a particular part of the Eastern Wall. The tattooed ones called the picts had breached the wall and were across it with some three thousand crazy...
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Mornin' Joke with Jughead

And now Mornin' Joke with Jughead and Mika and Pat Buchanan and the gay guy who brings you the news that does not really matter in a courteous and conservative way and always agrees with Pat and Jughead even though...
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The Origin of Consciousness

                                              A BOOK REPORTBook reports are done by amateurs. Book reviews are done by people who wish to sell books. Or unsell them as the case may be. This...
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Arthur of the Roundish Table (Ch-XXVIII)

    Meanwhile back at Camelot...The social season was upon the Royal Castle with a special dinner and entertainment.  Arthur was going to have to smile at people he could not stand. And bow to them and kiss their hands. Gwenivere...
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Arthur of the Roundish Table (Ch-XXVI)

(Please note: No Mastodon were harmed during the creation of this blog)Shiteface began work early today. Sun not even up. This was a chance to get in some over time and get his hands on those early bonuses. They were...
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Quick Take on a New Leader

I am watching him right now. I actually shed tears as they introduce THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.Just look at him. Nielson reported a while back that 2/3 of viewers WOULD TURN THE CHANNEL WHEN w SHOWED HIS FACE...
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The Land of the Dead

It was a chilly October day. I met her at the old courthouse. She was in her latter twenties and was very prim and proper but courteous and it was easy to get along with her. We were the first...


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