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Universal Canon of Ethical Blogging Five: THE TIME/SPACE CONTINUUM

As we travel through the universe called the netwebblogoshphere, we come upon many strange and wondrous new worlds filled with both familiar and alien peoples. In just a short period of time I have learned that there is life on...
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Arthur of the Roundish Table: Lancelot Meets Marlowe

Camelot had a lot going on inside those walls....Almost everyone was in the Room of the Roundish Table. There was a special presentation to be made. And a special announcement.We are finally at peace in our southeastern quarters. We sent...
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Craig Crawford: How to Properly Prepare a Comment-Tres

  As we move through this saga on morality and modality and modesty and mediocrity and mood and monstrousness...  I think I ran out of m's, we will move on to n's later. At any rate, our third canon in...
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Craig Crawford and How to Properly Post a Comment-Deiux

I promised to continue this blog hours ago. But a funny thing happened on the way to chapter two of this saga.  We have a nice small group here. I have mentioned it many times. We talk about war criminals...
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The Superaccountant: The Monstrous Math

This is the age of the comic book super hero. Superman, Batman, Aquaman, The Xmen, ...Billions of dollars made off of these figments of someone else's imagination. I propose something more apropos for our time, our economic mess, our depression....
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Craig Crawford: How to Properly Prepare Your Comments for Publication

MESSAGE OR A MASSAGE?Craig Crawford is a fine reporter. I have almost always enjoyed his appearances on cable news. He is mostly liberal although it became clear that he is one of those Texas Dems who has been slighted too...
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Arthur of the Roundish Table--The Two Quests Continue

Two hedgehogs are wandering through the grass, following a knight.Hey Fred.What Hilda?There is a wild boar following us. He is scary looking.They both had picked up the pace a little in their pursuit of Lancelot, but this new straggler began...
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The Undeserving Poor

Alex Koppelman of the famous War Room over at Salon on Friday noted that the people from the 'Right"...are in a tizzy over an Associated Press photo that shows a man taking a picture of Obama using a cellphone....The first...
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Arthur of the Roundish Table--The Holy Quest Begins

(National Geographic reports that Britain's Oldest Toy Found. The carved figurine--most likely of a hedgehog or a pig--was discovered during an excavation of a wooden fence near the prehistoric stone monument. The figurine is estimated to be over 2,000 years...
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Arthur of the Roundish Table--A Tale of Two Visions

Lancelot finished his rosaries, on a wonderful mesa, filled with green and a view of forests and a sniff of nature.  His Clementine awaited. She knew when he was in one of his moods.    To be able to follow such...


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