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Arthur of the Roundish Table (Ch-XXVI)

(Please note: No Mastodon were harmed during the creation of this blog)Shiteface began work early today. Sun not even up. This was a chance to get in some over time and get his hands on those early bonuses. They were...
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Quick Take on a New Leader

I am watching him right now. I actually shed tears as they introduce THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.Just look at him. Nielson reported a while back that 2/3 of viewers WOULD TURN THE CHANNEL WHEN w SHOWED HIS FACE...
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The Land of the Dead

It was a chilly October day. I met her at the old courthouse. She was in her latter twenties and was very prim and proper but courteous and it was easy to get along with her. We were the first...
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Fun & Nonsense with Johnny Nash

Face in the Crowd thinks we need a song to begin the week. He suggested one of my favorite songs of all time to serve as the template. Once he suggested it I could not get it out of my...
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Arthur of the Roundish Table (Ch-XXV)

I lost her again. Damn! said Sir Quixotic as he carefully blessed himself. He proceeded to the southwest on the path towards Justice as he remembered it.  He recalled his old estate as he proceeded on the quest.  He recalled...
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Arthur of the Roundish Table (Ch-XXIV)

(Notice, no animals were harmed in the creation of this thread)Announcer: And now welcome to Meet the Heralds with Sir GregoryHi I am Sir Gregory and I would like to welcome all you heralds in the audience for this segment...
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Office of Legal Counsel

We are going to try this again. I will explain this amended blog in a comment.PROLOGUEI am sitting listening to a tape of a discussion with the Mississippi Freedom Riders on CSPAN dated July 19, 2008. There was present Lewis...
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Arthur of the Roundish Table (Ch-XXIII)

Sir Moshe arose with his normal aches and pains. He was to make an appointment at the Room of the Roundish Table where there was to be a discussion of the border issues up north at Hadrian's Wall and the...
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The Farmers Daughter vs. Mr. Jefferson Smith

Ah, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. A movie about the American Spirit. The importance of Truth, Justice & the American Way. A look at politics from the perspective of a nine year old boy living with upper middle class parents...
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The Egalitarian Web

There's a mighty wind ablowinAnd its blowin you and me                                From:  A Mighty WindThese are the best of times on the Web. And I want to discuss what may be a change in the offing.I first started playing on this...


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