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    While Trump is Stealing the Show his Cronies are Stealing us Blind

    I'm sick of hearing Trump, seeing Trump, laughing at Trump, agonizing over Trump. I'm sick of Donald J. Trump, the squatter in the White House, making a mockery of our presidency.

    He's a president like a third rate comic spoofing the highest job in the land would be president. His stake is only in drawing an audience; he has no feeling for what the real job would be like. It's  beyond his capacity to get that deep into the role, and nothing says he has to. He revels in his "free to be me" rhetoric and the crowds keep on coming.

    A president, no matter his politics or biases, has to, at some point, recognize he's the leader of a country and not just the spokesman for his base. Donald can't do that. He snuggles into his base, comfy and worry-free, and if there are people screaming for his head on the outside, they're really, really bad, aren't they?  (Chorus: We love you, Donald! Donald: Thank you! Thank you very much! Me, too!)

    Photo: Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call,Inc.

    He came into politics as a reality star and he'll go out as a reality star. One quick read of his off-the-wall, stream-of-consciousness, look-at-me, CPAC speech the other day cements any claim that his main concern is, always has been, and always will be how people react to Donald Trump. (The transcript is here.)

      He's not speaking to his country. He's not even speaking to all Republicans. He's rallying his fans.

    This one small section, distilled in a couple of paragraphs, is the essence of Donald:

    "So, thank you, everybody. You’ve been amazing. You’ve been amazing. What Matt [Schlapp] didn’t say, when I was here 2011, I made a speech. And I was received with such warmth and they give, you know, they used to give, I don’t know if Matt does that, he may not want to be controversial, but they used to give the best speech of CPAC. Do they still do that? You better pick me, or I’m not coming back.

    But — and I got these — everybody, they loved that speech. That was, I think, Matt, I would say that might have been the first real political speech I made. It was a love fest, 2011, I believe the time was. And a lot of people remembered and they said, we want Trump, we want Trump. 
    And after a few years, they go by, and I say, 'Here we are. Let's see what we can do.'"

    Trump runs his 24-hour-a-day clown act as a distraction, and the GOP loves him for it. While he's on stage they're free to go about their business--which has nothing to do with our business. They're putting in place right wing judges who hold life-time positions, cozying up and giving unprecedented power to gun lobbyists like the NRA, dissolving long-standing protections for women, children, minorities, the sick, the poor, and the working class. We barely recognize ourselves anymore.

    We have real problems that need grown-up intervention. Trump is not going to be that grown-up. They can slap any label they want on him, including POTUS, but he'll never be anything but a callous showman doing a bad imitation of a real president.

    November is coming. We need to work on getting our people elected and throw those bums out.

    We need to work at ending the obscene profits currently the deciding factor in every aspect of our lives, including health care.

    We need to repair our crumbling structures, our roads and bridges.

    We need to convince our allies we're capable of more than saber-rattling and meaningless flag waving.

    We need to work at keeping our children safe from killers with assault weapons.

    We need to have some pride.

    We don't have time for the kind of mind-numbing side show Trump, the GOP, and yes--the Russians--have been forcing on us. The media's fascination with Trump's silly shtick has to stop. I don't care what he says, I care what he does. When he's not trying to destroy programs and departments we've held sacrosanct for half a century or more, he's busy filling every top cabinet job with agenda-laden, know-nothings famous for their cruel streaks. His administration holds the record for the most scandals ever to come out of the White House, and barely a year has gone by.

    We have to stop treating Trump like the best copy ever and get back to reporting on the things that matter to Americans with the most to lose. He's a distraction we can't afford. He's a joke gone on too long.


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    Thanks Ramona. Great piece.

    Trump runs his 24-hour-a-day clown act as a distraction, and the GOP loves him for it.

    Absolutely.  While we all focus on tweets and outrageous statements the Republican establishment is going about their business right under our noses.  We actually believe reports written daily and ad nauseam detailing how McConnell, Ryan and their ilk swallow the bile that is Trump reluctantly; unwillingly but necessarily because he's, well, their President.  He was legally and duly elected, so they have to work with him ... let's get real here.  They love having a figurehead to placate while they do what the conservative right has always wanted to do: dismantle our government.  And we're all helping them do it.

    "Trumpism" is a phrase that Democrats love to use as a hammer against conservatives, but what it really is is a useless term that denotes nothing more than right-wing ascendency shrouded in euphemism.  However, none of it means that Trump is a silly clown.  What you say here: "When he's not trying to destroy programs and departments we've held sacrosanct for half a century or more, he's busy filling every top cabinet job with agenda-laden, know-nothings famous for their cruel streaks." proves that he's not.  Thinking he's less than dangerous, even on his own without a willing Congress (remember, even if by some miracle Democrats take both Houses, he may still be re-elected), gives him the power he will never deserve, but may still have.  

    Careful action is required here.  Pinpointed GOTV efforts - state-by-state and district-by-district.   Bit by bit, piece by piece, Ramona.  Eyes always on more than the clown in front of the curtain but never forgetting that other eyes are on him.

    "Like a huckster selling patent medicine, the real danger is the pickpockets working the crowd while the film flam man keeps your attention."

    Hi Ramona.

    There ya are again; I forget about Crooks & Liars!

    And yet, our Prez is a crook and a liar; among other things. hahahahaah

    You have to admit though Ramona; after all these decades; I mean to see repubs erase a line in their

    thingy so that Russians do not get mad? THIS IS NUTS.

    But again, what if this sombitch knew what he was doin? What if we did not have an incompetent fascist running things. hahahah

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. It almost got up to 40 F today up here in the great white north.

    I bet it was nice in Mich?

    Spring is comin.

    Things are warmin.

    We might smash repubs from coast to coast in just 8 months or so.


    Hi Richard, what if Trump knew what he was doing? Yes, he just might. Either way, dupe or dope, it's how the rest of the country reacts to him that gets my goat. He wants more than anything to be the Celebrity-in-Chief and it grinds me that he's getting his way.

    Glad you're warming up up there. I'm just a tiny bit ashamed to admit I'm one of those wimpy snowbirds who leaves for the winter. We're in the south--rebel territory--but I try to stay away from that bunch and hang around with yankees who  know better. Lol.

    Yesterday was quite a day for scandals, huh? I'm not sure how much more of this the Trumpians can take before they're finally swept under and out. Spring would be a good time for some heavy-duty House cleaning.

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