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    William K. Wolfrum’s Morning — Don’t Panic

    Dan Savage and husband Terry: Remember, it gets better. Very inspirational words from the loving couple.


    GOP Rules: Republicans announce its agenda – includes tax cuts, as well as tax cuts, and perhaps later, tax cuts. Also, plan to pretend last 10 years never really happened.

    CIA & Pakistan: U.S.-trained Afghans a special, well-paid ($300 a month) kill squad roaming Pakistan. Things that can go wrong? Nothing. No chance.

    Gay Adoption: Florida’s ban on Gay and Lesbian couples adopting children is ruled unconstitutional.

    Text Censoring: T-Mobile blocks texts about medical marijuana – gets sued.

    Forbes Rich List: Give these men a tax cut or else we’re all doomed.

    Preaching Hypocrisy: Atlanta Pastor rails against Gays and Lesbians. And then gets accused of coercing young men into sexual relationships. That’s how these things work.


    Joaquin Phoenix: Sorry Dave, I was just acting.

    Mel Gibson: However it plays out in court, he is forever douchified.

    Jennifer Lopez: Promising not to be a Diva on American Idol. Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson, however, can do whatever the hell they want.

    Random Truth

    When Big Pharma accidentally lets you know the truth.


    SCOTUSBlog: Prop. 8 and the Supreme Court – don’t go there.

    The Note: Hey, look, John McCain is really angry.

    Field Negro: The Black Guy did it.

    Osbourne Ink: GOP caging voters ahead of the Mid-Terms.

    Kate Harding: Will you be in Chicago on Oct. 9? Well, Kate has a class for you.

    Juan Cole: Ussama Makdisi writes of the tragedy of Obama’s Middle East policy.

    Never Forget

    Thanks, Douglas


    (Author's Note: I had decided not to post this morning round-up at Dagblog anymore, but I changed my mind. I do that. I was thinking this would be a nice daily catch-all post for our increased readership and talented commentators.)

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    Thanks for posting the Dan Savage video.  It brings up a memory about the time I met Dan Savage some years back when I brought him to my college campus to give a presentation.  This was back in the day when his advice column in The Stranger was known as "Hey Faggot"  as opposed to the more acceptable "Savage Love" that allowed him to become more syndicated.  As I was writing a response, I realized that it was getting a rather long and that it was probably better to just turn it into a blog. 

    But a few thoughts.  Towards the end of the video, Dan says "...bigots don't win." I would say that given the developments recently, from Tea Party candidates to the Family Values Summit to a nast email coming from the office of a Senator has me not quite so optimistic.  As Rachel Maddow said on her show a few nights ago, the culture wars are back.  So it is good to hear someone say "Don't Panic."  Because I am panicking.

    And maybe to the stir the pot a bit here, but for all those who say they will be staying home on election day because there is no difference between a D and a R, I would say this:  that no matter how much similiarity there is between most of the Ds and the Rs, the Rs politically are tied to those on the cultural wing who push the hate and bile.  It is this hate and bile that supports and enflames the hatred that the GLBT community experiences, that maintains the oppressive and violent enviroment that those who are young and GLBT experience on an almost daily basis in their schools.

    No, we shouldn't panic.  Things do get better.  But things do get better because we refuse to let the other side to win.  We stand up to them and say that their views, their way is not the way of free and compassionate nation.  And one place we do that standing up is in the voting booth.

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