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Running For Office Week 2.5

Thursday, November 24, 2016, I attended the Kitsap County Democratic Party year end membership meeting.  I got there early. I commute to and from work, and my commute includes a ferry. The ferry schedule is much different from a bus schedule. A bus leaves every 10 - 15 minutes, while our state ferry system departs every 70 minutes on average. Planning around that schedule is challenging.  When you are on the ferry schedule, you must plan accordingly, which inevitably means you arrive early to your destination. Because if you are not early you will be late. There is not in between in this scenario. I know, I've tried them all.

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My Election Diary: Week 1

The next two to four weeks will be busy! Scratch that, the next two years are going to be busy. I am lucky enough to be advised by a former HRC Staff member in Georgia. I think I can make social media work to my advantage. And there is a dagger or two with special skills who have also offered to advise me.

I haven't run for any office since Student Council, and that was a really long time ago. And I am out of practice. I've been raising children and going to work, and doing all the mundane things families do. I have no more excuses; our youngest is almost 26, and my oldest is almost 31.  So I do hate that Trump won.  I only know one way to deal with my disappointment, which means I have to do something, and I can't just sit around and bitch and moan about what went wrong.  So much has gone wrong and to assess all that went wrong in the last election and recover from it is going to take some planning and openness.

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Hi Daggers? Or Dagsters? Or umm, okay whatever you want to be called. 

First, I love you all, we've all fought tooth and nails over the years, and it's been fun sometimes and other times horrible, maybe because I mostly like you all. So right now I am not going to give into fear, I'm not going to relive this election either. What happened has happened. It sucks so much. But we need to move forward and quickly.

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TrumpPence2016: The Long Con

It's weird to watch the extreme double standard when it comes to everything Clinton.  While I do believe that HRC and WJC must step away entirely from their foundation, because if they do not, the right wing will destroy it, with help from liberals.  Something must be done to save it.  

It is amazing how much Trump gets away with, and there are articles about these scandals, but they aren't indicative of the nature of the Trump campaign, so the press moves on. How much time has the national news spent discussing this Pam Biondi scandal? This is a real example of the quid-pro-quo everyone wants to the HRC to be guilty of, even though no evidence to date has been presented to prove the assertions. It is a double standard to spend endless, breathless moments on non-scandals ignoring real financial shenanigans.

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Thursday through Friday in the Republican nominee's life was just another chaotic episode which ended today in a Trump Egofest gone wild.  Today's Trump rally was supposed to be an introduction to the Vice Presidential candidate.  But anyone could have predicted, and no one should be shocked that the introduction would be all about The Donald.

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Real Orange Husckster of Trump Tower

The Real Orange Huckster of Trump Tower basked in the glory of his bigotry and how far it had taken him.

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Sierra Blanca -- Bernie is a NIMBY but Not a Revolutionary

In 1980 an important law was passed, this law required states to take responsibility for their low-level nuclear waste. It was known as "Low Level Radioactive Waste Policy Act of 1980".  The law itself urged states to cooperate, so states began to form compacts with each other to essentially rent spots to dump low-level radioactive waste.

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The Acceptable Woman: Sexism in Progressivism

We've all heard it, many progressive men tell me, "Ahh Elizabeth Warren, I would vote for her". Elizabeth Warren is the election year "Acceptable Woman", even though she isn't running.   Thanks, good to know who the Acceptable Woman is as deemed by mostly white men.

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The Eight Page Solution: Bernie Sanders Health Care Scam

Eight pages that is all he has three pages. Eight pages aren't a policy, eight pages are not a plan, eight pages are for Rubes who don't care about the realities and difficulties which make and developing and implementing health care policies that work. 

Sanders biggest problem is that he doesn't really have a plan. He does have an outline of what he wants to do, but no plan, and not one technical detail about how to achieve his "Medicare for All" plan. 

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How to Get to Single Payer: The Hillary Rodham Clinton Route

Let's talk about Health Care, again, issues that will have to be settled before we can move the nation towards adopting a single payer legislative framework.  What does it take to move America in this direction. 

We are behind, there is no doubt about it, 70+ years behind all the other developed nations systems.  Should we have done something before this? Yes, but we didn't and we have to deal with that in a very realistic manner. We must recognize there are steps that must be taken in order to secure that is the future of our healthcare system. 


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