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    Respect Jon Cryer

    Jon Cryer isn’t all about winning. Jon Cryer is happy with a draw.

    Jon Cryer’s best-known role as an actor was as Ducky. And he’s Ok with that.

    If a neighbor asked Jon Cryer to pick up their mail while they were on vacation, Jon Cryer would do it. Maybe he’d miss a day, but he would never let the mail pile up.

    Hardly anyone actually hates Jon Cryer. On the flip side, no one’s completely obsessed with him. And Jon Cryer thinks that’s Ok.

    Jon Cryer is fun at parties but likes to leave early because he likes to get up fairly early.

    Jon Cryer may not give you the shirt off his back, but he’ll make sure you have something to wear.

    Jon Cryer is on a drug. It's called Lipitor.

    Jon Cryer once called a guy a jerk. But it’s ok. The guy was a jerk.

    Because of Jon Cryer’s influence, Molly Ringwald never got overly upset when her career stalled not long after "Pretty in Pink."

    If a cat were stuck in a tree, Jon Cryer would call the fire department for help.

    Jon Cryer once shotgunned a beer.

    Jon Cryer gives good presents. Not great, but good. Like, he’ll get you a pretty nice watch that you’ll be happy with and wear.

    If Jon Cryer were an element, he’d be Ruthenium, which is primarily used as an alloying agent.

    Jon Cryer and his wife adopted a little girl. Which is a pretty nice thing to do.

    Jon Cryer really thought that “The Famous Teddy Z” was going to be a huge hit, but he didn’t let it get him down too much when it was canceled.

    Jon Cryer does his best to recycle.

    Jon Cryer has never accidentally shot anyone, and doesn’t feel especially comfortable around guns.

    Jon Cryer doesn’t believe the government had anything to do with 9/11, but he didn’t think attacking Iraq was that great of an idea.

    Jon Cryer once went on a pot-fueled rampage, where he spent a whole week just watching TV, eating Dorritos, and playing Xbox. No porn stars came over, but he did watch part of a porn. Even then, he felt kind of bad about how the women in the porn were exploited. That’s just how Jon Cryer rolls.

    Jon Cryer’s parents are quite pleased their son is Jon Cryer.

    Jon Cryer is not an ego-maniac, and realizes he’s just an actor. But he feels comfortable being Jon Cryer.

    Jon Cryer does not demand respect. But he thinks it would be nice if you gave him some. So respect Jon Cryer.



    You better not be dissing Jon Cryer by pretending respect for him.  I saw him in "Pretty in Pink" years ago and predicted he was going to be a huge star.  I don't know, there was something about him that told me he was one to watch.  That he ended up as second banana to Charlie Sheen in a so-so TV comedy is just one in a long line of predictions gone wrong.

    I predicted Suzanne Somers would go nowhere, and look where she is now.  She keeps going. . .and going. . .and going.

    I love Ducky, Wolfy. For me, Ducky is Two and a Half Men.

    Yes, I've just now realized I actually spell your name differently almost every time I respond to your blog.. sorry, Wulfy, Wolfy, Wolfie, I just am not sure what the hell is wrong with me! I need to review my nick name spelling book immediately.

    Well if a B-rated actor like Ronnie RayGun could become President, Jon Cryer has a good shot in politics as well if he decides to make the move. From what you say, he definitely sounds like George W...the kind of person you'd drink as beer with.

    The reason I respect him is that, so far, he hasn't said a word against Charlie Sheen, the guy who killed their hit TV sitcom and put him out of a very high-paying job.  It would be easy to go out and do some interviews now about what an asshat Charlie Sheen is, but he has restrained himself and said nothing.  If the situation was reversed, well you know that staying quiet wouldn't be an option.

    Two and a Half Men may yet return.  At the end of the day, they are going to extract every last episode they can from Mr. Sheen tolerating his every act of lunacy until he is completely and totally destroyed.  It's what they do in Hollywood.  There are too many people making too much money to let bad behavior get in their way.  He can drunk drive, he can batter women, he can bite the hand that feeds him, because he is the reason they have their hand out in the first place.  They are looking for their handout from him and they will tolerate his bites until he cannot feed them anymore.  Even his arch nemesis is making millions from having Charlie Sheen on board to whatever degree Mr. Sheen has any consciousness of reality left.  So, they will kiss and make up and millions will watch his next episode and the one after that.  The interesting thing is that no one really knows if anyone else can play his part.  He made the character, so while there might be the same recipe, there is only one Charlie Sheen.  He may have hit the peak of his career and may be long past the peak of his life, but everyone will watch this like they did OJ Simpson, until he either wrecks or is actually put away for good.  It may very well be that we enjoy his character because he is barely a person any longer, much in the same strain as Roberty Downey Jr. except even more hopeless.

    The difference between Sheen and Robert Downey Jr. is that Downey only hurt himself.  There was always a sense of decency about him, and now that he's conquered his demons, I'm cheering for him.  He's a good actor who deserves another chance.  I wish I could say the same about Charlie Sheen.

    But having said that, I'm not entirely comfortable with looking down on Sheen until I know whether or not his behavior is a manifestation of a severe mental illness.  If it is, he needs our support and not our ridicule.

    I'm inclined to agree with Ramona. Definitely about Robert Downey Jr., one of the best actors out there and probably about Charlie Sheen too. If he's actually clean, then he's very sick and needs help.

    One great thing about Jon Cryer is that if you respect him, he would consider respecting you back. He wouldn't just do it automatically, but he'd consider it.

    Incidentally, one of my best friends is a bit obsessed with Jon Cryer, and she also happens to be very happily married to a guy who not only looks rather like John Cryer but shares many of his personality traits. I once asked her if she would leave her husband for John Cryer if he came calling. She said something to the effect that she would never do a thing like that, neither would Jon Cryer, and that was the end of it.

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