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    I thought that something like this comment should be posted at Creative Corner since it really discusses subjects better described as entertainment.

    I just felt that Maher did a good job last night.

    A good job apologizing.

    I have mentioned many times my love for Plato and his Apology.

    Of course there was no apology unless one looks up the definition of apology which really means:


    You know for years I could not have access to Real Time because HBO presented this show and all I could hope for was the after show.

    Recently, Youtube lets us view the entire show.


    Last week Maher put his foot in his mouth and said something about House 'N's)

    And the 'media' went nuts.

    I recall that a few months ago? I wrote some blog attempting to make a point and used the N word several times.

    My son called me up (MY SON READS MY POSTS> HA)

    Anyway I deleted my errors and noted the deletion so that it did not look like I was 'covering up' anything.

    So Maher does his usual monolog last night--noting that Dyson is about to take him to the 'woodshed', hahahahah

    And Dyson did a fine job.

    Maher is no idiot like our current President is an idiot.

    But I thought Maher (and Dyson) did a fine job discussing this free speech issue.

    With free speech comes responsibility from the speaker.

    Trump for instance never takes responsibility for anything he says. hahhahahah

    (Mostly because Trump has the memory of a gold fish. hahahah)

    Then Maher goes to his panel discussion. David Gregory and a fine Black Woman and some former Florida repub who really was wonderful!

    And there is a fine discussion by all.

    But....Maher always has a special guest panelist and this time it is ICE CUBE.

    Discussions ensue.

    I really liked this discussion.

    It got to me.

    Sure Maher looked glum to say the least.

    But Maher did not look smirky or grimacing or...

    Again, the 'media' took after him for sure.

    And the 'media' should have.

    I just feel that if some repub had fucked up and pretended to apologize?


    Especially when there is a buffoon in the WH.

    I thought this went well.

    We shall see how Huffpo and the Beast and others react.

    Shoot me but I still appreciate Maher.

    You know, the left is a coalition.

    Coalitions must understand that not all minds meld on every goddamn issue.



    Nobody but me appears to give a damn about Creative Corner anymore

    I am not much of a Haiku poet.

    That does not mean I have givven up.

    Moat and Peracles and MISSY have shown up with really fine HAIKUS and other thoughts.







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