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    Do You Believe Her?

    You know the "her" - Christine Blasey Ford. 

    I find myself unable to express more than that - do you believe her?  I find myself unable to ask more than that - do you believe her?  I find myself unable to require more than that - do you believe her?

    I do.

    Not because she's a woman in the #MeToo spotlight who has yet another story to tell.  Not because he's soon to assume a powerful position and she's trying to prevent his ascension without due consideration.  Not because she has a girl's voice and an accommodating attitude.  And not just because she's telling her truth - the truth.

    I believe her because it's real.



    touch my hand, but don't linger

    i just can't be sure.

       please, please, maybe i'm sorry

      Then Again Maybe I'm Not. 




    Barefooted, just saw this.  Nice work.

    Yes.  I absolutely do.

    Thank you, on her behalf.

    Oh and this was not something asked but I also respect and admire what she did.  And I thank her, as a husband and as the father of a daughter and a son.  Her courage  and integrity have raised the bar and we so need that.  

    In solidarity with all of the  women and girls in our country and around the world who seek nothing more than the equal dignity and respect that should be their birthright.

    Thank you for posting.

    I believe her.

    I am just thinking of Dr. Ford's face, before she began, shining and terrible with what she chose to do.

    ...shining and terrible ...

    Wow.  Strikes me that maybe, sometimes, that's what the truth is.


    Ann Telneas, WaPo Cartoonist, Pulitzer Prize winner.

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