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    I believe that I have viewed the film Jackie Brown ten times over the last two decades. Usually on Cable. 

    Netflix just added this gem with its repertoire for the month of August.

    After all, It is the twentieth anniversary of this fine film.

    I might add that the cost to Netflix with regard to showing this epic film had to be a lot less than the cost of its production of Marco Polo; I mean Netflix lost 200 million bucks on this series.. hahahahaha Although Marco Polo is one of the greatest epics of all time, but I will discuss this epic later.

    Here is Tarantino at his best. Tarantino has to be a sociopath who somehow discovered a safer niche in our sociopathic society?

    Samuel Jackson is even better than when he found his niche in Pulp Fiction.

    No quoting from fictional bible passages here! hahahah

    Michael Keaton plays a rotten dirty cop. And I cannot recall a dirtier character played by Michael prior to this film. Keaton is a real villain in this movie.

    De Niro is playing some felon in a stunning manner.

    It is like he crossed the characters of an earlier Keanu Reeves with a touch of Meyers but added a little Joe Pesci. hahahahah

    Meanwhile we have Jackie Brown. Pam Grier is perfection as this sexy 40 year old flight attendant. Jackie sees our entire criminal justice system as a maze in which we must all find our own way. Jackie thinks we must follow the rules within a system that seemingly has no rules.

    My personal favorite character in this chaos created by Tarantino is, of course, the bondsman.

    Robert Forster plays the bondsman. This actor has been around since I was in high school.

    I still see him from time to time on tv to this day.

    But seeing Forster appearing as Max Cherry, the bondsman is stunning to say the least.

    Cherry falls in love with Jackie. Cherry aids in Jackie's attempt at real economic freedom.

    Yet Cherry, who informs us that he wishes to get out of the bond game, never takes a dime from Jackie's take.

    Or I should say, Cherry takes his dime; ten percent as always is acceptable in his profession.

    ETHICS rules.

    Oh and Tarantino cannot help himself with regard to chronological order for chrissakes.

    I must add here that Bridget Fonda is superb, also. I mean where might one find a character like this whom one might wish to fuck and kill at the same times?

    Her character is a worthless piece of ass?

    Who gets high all day and craves attention from De Niro'=s character. hahahhaha

    I will leave this post with one reparte between Jackson and De Niro:


    Tarantino, you are nuts.

    And thank the good lord for that. hahahahahah

    According to Wike, Tarantino spent 12 mill and received 75 mill? ha

    I keep looking for a musical outlet?

    Well, this is all I could think of:



    Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side?









    I have to add this thought.

    No one commented.

    And yet, I have almost 900 hits.

    Yet, this is the beauty of the internet.

    I have discovered only magic.

    The magic of one man's thoughts and fevers and hopes.


    I mean, almost 900 folks read this drivel and became


    the end

    Nobody, and I mean nobody but me ever commented here. haahah

    Then how the hell did I receive over 1600 'hits'?

    I go thru my stuff from time to time.


    This one just got to me.

    the end

    I got Admin rights, Dick - I gamed the system for ya. Yes, you're more than bloody welcome....
    - your admirer, PP.

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