The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age

    Oh, What a Night - Let the Silly Times Rock 'n Roll with Good Vibrations

    The thrill is gone and I’m all shook up, because the mountain (at least for now) seems high enough to keep me away.  I’ve been tossin’ and turnin’,  and now, this lady is singing the blues, ready to cry me a river from trying to keep up with the chain of fools twisting our rights away, both nationally and locally.  Yeah, I know it’s all in the game, but sometimes, girls just wanna have fun. 

    Since I couldn’t  sleep at all last night, I opted to listen to some of that ol’ time rock n’ roll and other good vibrations music,  enjoying memories of dancin’ the night away.   Then, half asleep I heard the crooning of Al Green, and I was on the road again, pondering what song would I choose for our leader of the pack (not PAC)!

    Anyway, this is one I considered, do you have one? 


    Nothing you could say could tear us away from our guy (Obama)
    Nothing you could do, 'cause we're stuck like glue to our guy (Obama)
    We're sticking with our guy like a stamp to a letter
    Like birds of a feather, we stick together
    We're tellin' you from the start
    We can't be torn apart from our guy

    Nothing GOP could do could make us untrue to our guy (Obama)
    Nothing they could buy could make us tell a lie about our guy (Obama)
    We gave our guy our word of honour to be faithful, and we're gonna
    You best be believing we won't be deceiving our guy

    As a matter of opinion we think he's tops
    Our opinion is he's the cream of the crop
    As a matter of taste, to be exact
    He's our ideal, as a matter of fact

    No muscle bound man could take our votes from our guy (Obama)
    No other handsome face could ever take the place of our guy (Obama)
    He may not be a movie star, but when it comes to bein' happy, we are

    There's not anyone could take us away from Obama (our guy)

    If this doesn’t do it for ya, and I’m sure the men at work here will have a different choice, so c’mon, it’s all in the game of political whimsy and as the GOP has proven, it’s time for some soul and inspiration, and let’s not lose that lovin’ feelin’ ‘cuz we need to stand by our man.)

    (Yeah, I know …. But after goin’ rounds with my local politico’s and all  the depressing, if not frightening, blather from the GOP’s four horsemen and cohorts,  we’re all entitled to some silliness.  Hope I haven't violated any copyright laws, but in my defense all's fair in love, war and politics it seems.)

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