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    Our Choice

    Donald J. Trump will be the Republican nominee. Let's stop pretending otherwise and wasting time when there's so much at stake.

    So who do we want to put up against him? Let's be honest; no one agrees and likely won't until they're told they're wrong long enough to give in unless they convince the other side that they're totally wrong. Sounds like a caucus. Sounds like politics.

    Hillary Clinton or Bernard Sanders. Up against Donald Trump. Our choice. What do we do with it when we consider the severity and the decades long repercussions? One answer may be that it's worth a long shot, it's high time and the risk is more than worth the payoff of a revolution to take our country forward. Another may be that losing means at least eight years of revisionism, revocation of civil rights and a risk we can't afford to take with the Supreme Court.

    I understand and admire Bernard's enthusiastic fans, but we have to keep the White House.


    Not exactly a creative piece, but since I put it in the wrong place I'm now effectively a creative reader.

    I'm always scared every election. Even if the polls say my candidate is leading I never relax until the votes are counted. It's always a nail biter to the end for me. I guess I just don't have the optimistic nature some others have. But every year the republicans keep getting worse and yet somehow they keep winning. How can I trust the voters?

    I have to think that many republicans will sit out the election or even vote for the democrat rather than vote for someone who is psychologically disturbed. But will they?

    This will be the most important and the most stressful election of my life.

    Mine, too. I share your cynicism, and it scares me. This isn't a normal election because the electorate isn't normal.

    It doesn't look like Republicans are sitting out thus far, so it's dangerous to expect that to change in the general. It's truly up to us to make the right choice - and back it up by voting for it.

    Donald meets Hillary in a quiet rendezvous.... [what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas ==> Leaving Las Vegas]

    It's all fun and games 'til somebody gets hurt.

    I thought hurting yourself *was* the fun and games. Maybe I don't get Vegas after all. Appetite for (Self) Destruction?

    (ps - my post updated)

    I noticed. I suppose I should be glad that at least three of my lines made the Readers. But though your third rewrite is impressive, the "ghetto" remark? Bad form, Peracles.

    Well I went from 19 reads over several hours (mid-morning) to 79 within about 10 minutes of switching, so it's overall a sad fact (not that in the end this has been very popular, even though I'm prouder of it than most anything I've written - my guess is posting videos sucks energy out of comments, and insulting people ups the count which I forgot to do...).  But speaking of the Creative Corner, why do you do the Haiku that you do so well?

    Unfortunately, it's true that the Creative hideaway seems to be just that when it comes to attention. I credit Ramona for often including the posts in the headlines even as I must chastise Michael for less attention for front page consideration.

    Personally? I like your third time's the charm post. Glad I inspired it. ;-) But my own history proves that if what you write truly connects, it hardly matters where it lands .

    As far as the haiku thing, I'm not sure of your question. I love Mr. Smith's place because it gives me freedom when I need it.

    Might not matter but didn't want to take the chance with this one. Michael's been pretty good on promoting, don't know re Creative pieces. The haiku bit was just misdirection, pp in haiding. But yeah, original idea was you'd put yours in the wrong place so I'd "fix that fix that for ya" and it just grew. Thanks.

    Trump's convincing Nevada victory refutes the pre Iowa consensus that

     Trump is all about winning

    i.e. that if he lost there it would seriously damage his chances . He did , and it didn't.

    So "to face the matter squarely"  ( to quote my favorite blogger)  it's  becoming probable that the Republican candidate will be a dangerously unqualified jerk..

    This increases both  the chance the democratic candidate will win and -choosing my words carefully- alternatively , that the nuclear nightmare we avoided for 40 years will be revived. Unless we can rely on Putin's rationality! Which is probably true.

    I  hope. 

    My guess is that the immediate consequence on our side  will be to  entrench B and H's supporters in their positions .Certainly true of me, someone who likes everything about Bernie except his chance of being elected.

    Along with raising the odds on a Bloomberg run.And win.  Not my choice but at least the planet would survive.   

    You think Bloomberg has the stomach for a fight with Trump?

    In a word: yes.

    Whatever the  personal motive /need/drive/whatever that had prompted this vain guy to risk the humiliation of losing a grubby contest for the less- than- awesome position previously held by the likes of Beame , Dinkens and Guiliani ,  would be working overtime when the goal was to rescue the country and the  world  from - of all people- Donald Trump !

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