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    A Seriousless and Sillyful Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon




    Here's this week's heap of haikus:



    The present now past.
    Tomorrow now yesterday.
    Back to the future.

    (In honor of yesterday being "Back to the Future Day"  (October 21, 2015), here's Chet Atkins:)






    Jidai Matsuri
    The festival of the ages
    honors Kyoto.

    ( October 21 is the festival of Jidai Matsuri, which commemorates the founding of Kyoto. )




    I once had a girl
    and I did think it good 'cuz
    this Norwegian would.


    ( Fifty years ago this week, the Beatles recorded Norwegian Wood. )




    I'm getting dizzy
    from seeing the art in a
    descending circle.

    (Happy 56th anniversary to the Guggenheim museum in NYC!)





    "Okay, let's begin.
    Insertez-vous tab A?!  Damn!
    The plans are in FRENCH!"








    We stacked the firewood
    then trudged through the mud to the
    hen-house to get eggs.






    double haiku:

    Though Justice is blind,
    the all-seeing eye takes note
    of our transgressions.

    Give glory to God
    in all you do or speak, keep
    His word within reach.





    Blind Justice-ku:

    Blind also means a
    place from which you can shoot ducks.
    Mallard lives matter.





    Stuck inside mobile?
    call Alexander Calder
    and he'll get you out.

    ( Thanks DD, for posting this song last week. )




    triple haiku:


    My life has meaning.
    I'm here to make you laugh
    It gives me purpose.


    No sarcasm meant.
    I fail in so many ways
    by many measures.


    But one thing I know
    It gives me joy to share laughs
    That's what Life's about.





    Walking down the street
    I'm inspired by reflections
    of America.


    ( Photo taken with my cell phone the other day on West 107th St. in NYC.  )








    We'd be out of luck
    if amoebas got stuck in
    primordial muck.
    You've fought long enough,
    You may put your sword down now
    and rest, simply rest.



    She entered, wearing
    a sweatshirt and dungarees
    which left him breathless












    Lately, more strangers
    that I meet on the street are
    calling me, "Poppy."








    An empty vase sits
    on a cluttered office desk
    waiting for flowers.







    Sadly, it seems while
    she was pinching pennies, he
    was pinching barmaids.









    Courtesan and muse,
    she stayed unemotional ...
    (though often tickled.)






    Double haiku:

    In a sleepy town,
    off the beaten path, lived a
    man who knew nothing.

    He was fed by cows,
    carried by horses and was
    admired by dogs.






    You don't always know,
    When you have stepped from a field,
    Into a meadow.







    If you choose to use
    a magnifying glass, know
    that you will find flaws.






    When you have a lot
    that's on your mind, let your day
    begin quietly.






    None shall ever know
    private failures we endure ...
    unless we succeed.





    Her vichyssoise was
    so cold, the potatoes wore
    napkins to keep warm.






    Red leaves on roses,
    and whiskey on kittens?!! THOSE
    are your fav'rite things?





    It's time for another installment of "You Do the Haiku!"



    Submit your haiku for this painting in the Comments section ...






    rain-soaked city streets,
    the glare of flashing neon
    blinds the private eye.









    double haiku:


    We struggle, at times,
    remembering our loved ones,
    but vow, they won't fade.

    So, the old stories, though
    familiar, are re-told, to
    refresh our spirits.





    Baseball excitement
    has taken over our town.
    Strangers shout: "Go Mets!"





    Yearning for peaches,
    he settled for nectarines ...
    and hoped for the best.




    She hurried to work,
    dodging buses and trollies ...
    A "new woman's" stride.

    ( Fifth Avenue NYC circa 1910 )








    Sitting in my yard,
    watching the moon peeking out,
    from behind storm clouds.







    There are times when the
    most expedient thing is
    to just carry on.

    (1973: Former Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau carrying current Prime Minister Trudeau to an important meeting.)






    double haiku:
    He sees kids at play
    and represses sadness at
    not having children.

    Sitting in the park,
    he looks at ducks and swallows,
    wishing he could fly.
    She laughed wickedly.
    Such a chill went up his spine,
    that he sneezed ice cubes.








    We anxiously wait
    to become our own persons,
    then try to fit in.








    Dark side of the moon;
    where they keep the cheese ... and the
    light sensitive cows.





    Though fragile hearts need
    whispered blessings, they also
    need a steady hand.


    tanka haiku:  


    Sad days are ahead.
    They can not be avoided.
    We must live through them.

    We'll get to the other side,
    through faith, hope and endurance.






    She gets lost in books,
    often losing track of time ...
    and what year it is.






     tanka haiku:

    A man with a limp
    quietly whistles on his
    way to the bus stop.
        His halting steps belie the
        music he hears in his head.





    Indulge your passion.
    It's often what drives you to
    exceed your limits.






    Sometimes an echo
    from a life you left behind,
    catches up to you.








    Success always stands
    on the shoulders of failure.
    Please don't wear spiked heels.







    Who have you steadied?
    Whose heart have you opened? Whose
    dreams have you unleashed?









    Looking down from Space,
    all the clouds are upside down ...
    making earth, heaven.





    Tanka haiku ala Bob Hope:
    I wanna tell ya,
    that Pain is really something ..
    How about that pain?
    Pain got so bad, Les Brown had
    to admit he was More Blue.






    I'm down on my knees
    Tell me what I want to hear ...
    How do I get up?





    double clown-kus:

    He wore funny shoes
    because he had funny feet.
    So why funny pants?
    How sweaty was he?
    That clown was so sweaty that
    the seltzer sprayed him.




    If you see the world
    as humorless, you'll never
    understand the joke.













    Smith, High Honors for "sleepy town". Just great.

    The challenge.


    I want to lie down,

    just like a cat, no good thoughts,

    no plans, no regrets.

    Thanks. Oxy!  Excellent challenge response! 

    As for Sleepy town ...

    I forgot that I wanted to change the word, "admired" to :worshipped" ... Oh well.  ;-)

    Leave it be.


    I dug a well deep

    well, I can dig deeply if

    I really want to.


    I dug a well deep

    until I reached the surface.

    So much in between.

    Good one!

    I dug a well deep,
    so deep I became unwell
    be well, stay shallow

    Deep.  Thanks Oxy! 

    Haiku challenge ....

    Red hair, a black cat,

    green as the spot to slumber.

    Blind relaxation.

    There was a black cat

    It was a very dark knight

    I didn't see it

    Good one, Guy Called LULU!


    A storm was coming,
    It was a very dark night,
    Hang on, Mexico!



    Nice one, Missy!




    Hmm... not sure that last line has the right syllable count.  ;-)

    Blog! - end span - end div  

    (exclamation is a directive, not to be transcribed)

    You can also say "close span, close div" 

    So LISPishly:

    (((Div class equals Main)

    (Span ID equals Marquee))

    Blog! ((end Span) (end Div)))


    Okay ... but let's try to keep the haikus in an actual recognizable language from here on, not some geek assisted techno-robotic double secret encoded short-hand .  Jeez.


    Jeez, it's HTML - only the most used written language in the world. You'd think it was Sanskrit.

    Tim Berners-Lee built
    the Internet from simple
    HTML tags.

    And it was a cartoon -

    Jokes are funnier
    With an element of surprise.
    Visual jokes moreso.
    Such low tolerance for Haikuteness.
    Psst - in the "you put a spell on me, baby" category:
    Robotic doubles
    Keep their liaisons hidden
    Using hex-a-code

    (Sigh)  Low tolerance for Haikuteness?

    FYI - I built a whole website using html and it's a quaint dinosaur now because Yahoo has now stopped using the program on which I built the site.  I've been trying to figure out my next move with the site, since my website design skills are ... ummm, pretty basic.  So now it's kind of a relic, something from the early 2000's  So many html pages ... Check it out:

    (double sigh, eyeroll, small pirouette) Okay, Mel Brooks in Haiku Anxiety? 

    So site fused in time thanks to Yahoo, eh? Aside from funny font spacing, doesn't seem too bad.Sadly my html skills were honed hastily hacked together around 1995, with my last Website being based off a site design I paid $20 for and threw in some other bought graphics.Hmmm... maybe that's an option - I got 10 years out of $30.

    (and overall I don't think people are going there for interactive Flash or latest HTML5 - the haiku & hold-on-to-your-dreams appeals are much more compelling than glitzy design. Just my 2 cents. Though had this idea someone could update it as Skyfall / James Spondy just to keep it hip & current. How do *you* see Spondyville 2.0?)

    I want bells and whistles!  hahaha.   Well, to tell the truth, I don't think I see it that much differently.  The idea behind it has always been a town where everyone has Spondylitis so no-one ever has to feel alone in dealing with the disease.  I've always liked the stories and jokes about the characters more than anything else; the history, the running gags, like the rivalry between the fraternal organizations, the Turtles and the Penquins or town handyman, Pops DeMaupassant struggling to change the clock on top of the Town Hall twice a year or the pages chronicling the globe-trotting of the town's three Snowspondy goodwill ambassadors.  I guess 2.0 would just be more of the same with slightly better graphics.  ;-)  

    Desperately I
    searched for the bottom of your
    post so I could post...

    Like a child needing
    to pee, I held my haiku
    as long as I could

    Then I did it on
    The floor. Bad PP, bad pee-pee.
    My haiku is humbled.

    Oy.  I may never call you PP again.

    It is quite perfect
    that in the end you're left with
    a humble haiku.

    EZ 4 yooz 2's
    Say - whoz gonna pay 4 mize
    Ruint flyin' carpet?

    Haiku Headline:

    Hillary endures
    the Benghazi Committee
    charade, takes a bath.

    Ha!  Excellent, Peracles!

    I am late having done other things.

    But damn, I hereby render unto Peracles the Dayly Line of the Day Award for this here Dagblog Site given to all of Peracles from all of me; except let us make it the Line of the Week.



    With her 'familiar'
    The red-haired witch dreams fondly
    Of Halloween night


    (my haiku submission)


    Love it!  Well done, flowerchild!!

    I am sorry I missed  this:

    My son just showed up

    And he brought me a new bed

    He brings me old things

    But it is all good to me

    He cares about me

    This is a queen bed

    Although I am not a queen


    Mama needs more room

    The old bed no doubt

    Had some real scary critters

    Or bad memories

    It is so so nice

    To have such a real good friend

    Who cares about me

    (At least I am not caught up in Memphis Blues Again, hahhhH)

    A new bed, how wonderful!

    Hopefully a new
    bed will be what will give you
    the rest of your life. 

    (Apologies to Sleepy's mattress store for stealing their tagline.)


    It is wonderful!

    No kidding.

    And now my bedroom looks like a bedroom. hahahahahah

    ​He comes and complains how I do not clean up and...

    So I cleaned up and mopped up and...he shows up.

    He was happy and I was more happy.

    He always worries that I am losing my mind.

    He is less worried this weekend. hahahahah


    It was a goooood few days.

    But your works are sooooooooooo very very gooooooooood and you are receiving many hits; people read you now.




    It makes me glad in my heart of hearts.


    But, we must not follow each other tooooooo  closely, hahahahahah


    I am glad you had a nice weekend.  I had a good one too.  Made treats with the kids. You can find us on Face book. I posted a bunch of pictures.  

    The pix were cute.

    Precious was dressed up like pumpkin a year ago.

    .I shall receive pix soon concerning 5 days from now. hahahahahahah

    Kids like this nonsense.

    We need more nonsense. ha

    Thanks I added more pics on my time line.  I will have to post them on yours. 

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