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    Trump is as wonderful as he says he is

    Trump says: "Just kidding"

    About the Mexican Judge.

    ..........Until November



    Rats are deserting

    That ship the GOP built

    Because they are scared.



    Even Ivanka --

    The cool cucumber she is

    Knows not what to say.



    Sing along with Trump:

    Mexicans, Muslims, and blacks...

    All love me because?


    Women know I'm great

    Because I'm not a loser.

    Mommy, me!!!!!


    Ali's hands were huge

    He fought and had principals,

    Small is small, hands down.

    Way to go there, CVille. Really good verse, haiku or not.

    I am smart, OK?

    I know how to make a deal

    Putin --> a loser


    He will know he's done

    Once he faces me for real

    I am like Ali!!!!!

    I am like Ali

    Except for our hand sizes

    ...and everything else

    Excellent, CVille!!


    Haikus about Trump
    are, of course, works of fiction;
    not 'tea' by nature.


    Haikus about Trump
    are like a man with orange hair;
    without precedent.



    Trump says he will make
    America great again ...
    It's now chopped liver?



    Why is Donald Trump
    like a wear-ever carpet?
    He won't stop lying.



    "I judge Mexicans
    but Mexicans can't judge me."
    so says Donald Trump.



    Wow, you're really good.

    Sad to waste it on this creep

    Donald Trump is chopped liver!

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