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    I wrote about water on the moon 8 years ago.

    The only reason I bring this up is because there
    were 'hits' on this old blog this morning. hahahah

    Well, just google 'water on the moon' and you will
    find that there is more info on the web regarding
    this issue.

    I had read a few blogs discussing this 'new'
    discovery. And i forgot about my old blog.

    So here were my thoughts about this issue 8 years ago.

    This is just a damn shame. I do not know what else to add here.
    We'll have a Black President when
    Pigs fly and we find water on the moon
    PC's provide us  with free tunes
    When We have electric cars and
    No smoking in bars
    When all men and women are free
    Yeah that will be here any time soon.
    When we have Dick Tracy watches
    When we have Nicotine patches
    No key latches
    Water proof matches
    We will have all these as soon
    As pigs fly and we find water on the moon
    But when will the insane
    Take over the asylum
    When will the unread
    Teach the young the value
    Of being illiterate
    And when will that cretan Glenn
    Unravel the enigmas of our Constitution
    When pigs fly and we find water on the moon.


    The best and the brightest had been elected in 2016. hahahah

    And so now we have the dumb and the dimmest as POTUS

    My poetry at that time was not so good and I had not met Mr. Smith
    and I was not very good at counting my fingers although this poem
    was not a Haiku. hahahah

    It just got to me that there is more news
    about water on the moon.

    Yes there is water
    There is water on the moon
    Is it polluted?

    Man has not drilled much
    For oil or gas on the moon
    But moon water's bad

    And I mean that water
    That is water on the moon
    Could not be that good

    Pigs still do not fly
    Of course Fox News still does lie
    And Afghans still die

    Tweets are tweetier
    And attacks are meanier
    In our corp media

    We have SNL
    And our most sacred Onion
    Who both seek the truth

    Except I wonder

    Is there truth in this new age?

    All I hear are lies.






    Yes, there is water;

    over there and underneath

    barren wading pools.


    I mean that water;

    bubbling up and falling down

    faded crevices.


    Yes, it’s moon water;

    freshly cleansed and full of dirt   

    for a flying pig.

    I urinated

    On the far side of the moon

    Like peeing dark pants

    I had forgotten that we 'found' water on the moon 8 years ago or longer. hahahah

    Since then we have discovered water (of sorts) on Mars.

    Water appears to be everywhere in the universe.

    and water, as far as I understand, is really a key to life?

    Thank you Missy.


    I woke up on Monday? and had some 'hits' on an old blog because folks must have googled water on the moon.

    And sure enough, there were new blogs discussing new found data confirming water on the moon.

    I just got a kick out of it and I am glad that you got a kick out of it toooooooooo.


    Pork Aviation
    offers seven flights daily
    to the Lunar Coast.

    Spread out on a beach towel,
    the POTUS tweets his Bacon.


    It has been six years since I have flown but damn....(I used to fly more often to say the least) if we are not sheep then for sure we are all pigs.



    I hereby render unto Moat the Dayly logo of the Day Award for this here Dagblog Site, given to all of Moat from all of me. ha

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