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    The Minnesota Twins have failed for 27 years?; as far as getting to the World Series.

    So, there are other statistics that our team might use to evolve us? In the game?

    So Joe Mauer, one of our greatest players over the last decade and more, is about to reach some great stat.

    Well Joe will reach some stat that involves the thousands of times he has reached at least first base as a Minnesota Twin.

    One more hit or walk during the next 7 games and Joe shall surpass Harmon Killibrew with that stat.

    Joe Mauer is a great baseball player and he might now show up next year. This guy might retire with no money probs ever!

    This 'news' gets me because the number of bases reached do not include the years Killebrew played with the Washington Senators.


    What do I know.

    I bring this up because Tiger Woods hit 80 on Sunday.

    That is, Tiger won his 80th PGA sanctioned win; that is Tiger has won 80 tournaments making him second all time  as a winner in golf tournaments second to Slammin Sam Snead.


    Who is the greatest band of all time?

    Who is the greatest President of all time? (Well it aint Spanky) hahhaha

    Who is the greatest writer of music of all time?

    Who is the greatest writer of all time?

    These are stupid questions.

    Because there is no all time.

    I like this guy.

    Or I like this gal.

    Or I am in the mood for Tolstoy or I am now in the mood for Mallory?


    Tiger has just won his 80th PGA sanctioned (remember this) tournament of all time.

    He trails Slammin Sammy Snead by two.

    But Tiger is also number 3 all time on the European Tour.

    Check out number 2 in the person of Bernhard Langer.

    And number one of course is Steve Ballesteros

    So if one would compare Snead to Tiger, Snead has no ranking worth mentioning on the European Tour.

    And neither does Niclaus.

    For that matter.

    Snead won his last tournament (under PGA rules) when he was 52?

    Tiger will be 43 this December.

    But apples and oranges.

    Tiger has had 4 back surgeries (due to his 'snapping' whilst cranking.

    Nicklaus aint even close under any of these standards except majors.

    The entire point of this nothingness is that I believe that Tiger Woods is now the greatest golfer of all time.



    Who is the greatest?

    And why should we care.

    This issue has always bothered me.

    But Tiger won this Sunday.

    And because of irony mostly, I was enthralled.

    the end





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