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    The next two years: Democracy and Accountability

    Here . . .

    If you really do give a big whoop about your future and the
    future of our democracy, I advise you to take a read of this...


    Democracy and Accountability (share token)

    By Josh Marshall| November 24, 2020 1:23 p.m.



    We know that Joe Biden, President-Elect of the United States, has vast expectations for his presidency resting on his shoulders. That challenge grew only greater when it became clear Democrats would likely not control the Senate for the first two years of Biden’s presidency. But beyond specific legislation or executive actions there is something more basic we should focus on – something Democrats have often done poorly at, not least in the presidency of Barack Obama, in which Biden served as Vice President. It is never enough to govern well and trust that voters will reward good governance. It simply never works that way.

    Policy can never be separated from politics or the work of using policy to create the political power which can make policies enduring. This is all the more the case with the mix of constitutional and political forces which in the last two decades have made it increasingly possible for political minorities to hobble government action while escaping the responsibility and blame for doing so.

    Quite simply, everything that happens during the first two years of the Biden administration must be planned and organized through the prism and organizing principle of the argument Democrats will make to voters in the 2022 midterm election.






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    Democrats try to help people 

    Sometimes they fail

    When they pass Civil Rights laws and provide health care, Congressional seats are lost

    A significant portion of the public is willing to believe obvious lies.

    I don't know how to get around that problem.

    Over 70 million people voted for Trump despite knowing who he is

    Mitch McConnell still has not congratulated Biden

    If the turtle remains in control of the Senate, expect him to block everything Biden tries to accomplish.

    Republicans fear the base

    The base turned on Tucker Carlson when he said that Guiliani was insane

    The base is moving from Fox on television 

    The base is moving to Parler online


    I went from thinking of this as miscounted haiku to possibly song lyrics from a new album. Seems more Dylan than Kanye, just sayin' 

    PP... Get up to speed . . .

    The Killers kill it AND the grammy's...



    Aside from they didn't release an album, they have a point.

    PP... you're so damn lazy...

    From the Billboard article.

    A notable mention might’ve been in order for the Las Vegas rockers, whose sixth and latest studio album Imploding the Mirage debuted at No. 8 on the Billboard 200 and was released during the qualifying period, but didn't exactly set the sales charts on fire.



    If an album drops in the woods and nobody notices...

    Aka, a joke, son - it was a joke. A Killer joke, you get it you big galunk? A Killing Joke.


    Accountability, .LA style?

    all family in L.A. has sent me videos like this for the last couple years, as if I can make "them" accountable for ruining L.A. Me? I'm like: you'd rather have Bill de Blasio instead? be glad to send him if I could! The word ruined is actually used, it's quite common.

    I used to like walking around downtown LA when I lived there. Wouldn't do it now.

    turns out (I've just found out) there's been growing protests outside Garcetti's house every morning. Started with some BLM people but there are others with other agendas joining in, they are using the hashtag #BlockGarcetti. Some examples

    retweeted by BLM L.A.




    From what I've been reading over the last few years this is a global problem. I did a quick search to get some data. Germany:

    It is estimated that there were 860,000 homeless people in Germany, which marked a 150% increase in only two years due to the inclusion of refugees in the estimates. Excluding refugees the number of homeless people sits at 335,000 to 420,000 

    Or France:

    In 2012, around 103,000 adults in French cities used some form of emergency accommodation or soup kitchen. This number includes 30,000 children. Altogether, 141,500 people were homeless in France in 2012, which is almost a 50% increase from 2001


    there's also some populist outrage going on with London Breed in SF and Garcetti in LA going out to fancy dinners while they are closing down restaurants to everyone else. I was ignoring what I was seeing along those lines UNTIL I saw mr. cool head analyst say something about it, now this really shocked me surprise

    Really bad. California has had the strictest regulations throughout the lockdown, often keeping schools and outdoor stuff closed in a way that hasn't been particularly science-driven, and they've been undermined by Newsom and now Breed in a public, ostentatious way. https://t.co/4wdcqpPXZk

    — Nate Silver (@NateSilver538) December 2, 2020


    All politics is local...

    I try and stick close to home.

    Accountability, .LA style? - PP
    now this really shocked me - AA

    One person's backyard is another person's eyesore...

    Nimby nimby nimby...


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