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    "Deal Me In": Hillary Clinton Plays the Gender Card


    Let's be clear:  Hillary and I are all for playing the gender card.  Hell, men have been doing it since the dawn of mankind. (See what I did there?)

    The top job in this country has been held by that other gender since George Washington became our first president in 1789.

    Women couldn't even vote until 1920.

    It wasn't until 1932 that the first woman was elected to the Senate. Since then, only 31 women have served in that office.

    Of the  435 members of the House of Representatives, fewer than 20% are women.

    Only 39 women have ever served as state governors.

    In too many workplaces women are still paid less than men in the same job.

    Our body parts are under attack daily by people who want to take away our right to own them unilaterally.

    Our sex makes us vulnerable in every aspect of society, even here in America, even in the 21st Century.

    So when we say out loud that it's our turn, that's because it's our turn.  Nothing subversive about it.  It's our damn turn.

    As of this morning it looks like Hillary Clinton will be running against Donald Trump for the top job. She'll pull out all the stops to prove she's far more qualified to be president than he ever could be. He'll be using what he sees as his male privilege to attack her.

    He won't give up. But I've got news for him: Neither will she. And neither will we.

    Dismiss us at your peril, you cocky loser.  Bring it on. You and the rest of your pals dealt this card. Now sit down, shut up, and watch how it's played by the other side.


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    Excuse me, but:

    FUCK YOU TRUMP. hhahahahahahaahha

    That was the proper response.

    T-Rump respects no one. hahahahah

    Hell, I request that Hillary TRUMPS IT UP!

    That is okay with me, Ramona. hahahaha

    T-Rump is a pig. hahahaha

    I am sorry, this just got to me today.

    I know I play this song all the time. hahahahah

    But let us cheer the Byrds?

    Fast forward to debates, Kelly asks Clinton how it feels when Trump says she should quit shouting.

    Clinton: "Kelly, I don't feel anything." Turns to Trump:

    "Donald, you said that I shout. Let me be clear. This is not shouting.  This is called kicking your ass in a Presidential election."

    Lol.  I honestly can't wait.  One debate with Hillary and the Donald will suddenly find something else to do on debate nights.

    I liked a cartoon strip I saw years ago. Two knights in armor. Holding broad axes. 

    Knight A takes a swing at Knight B

    Knight B :" ha,ha, you missed me."

    Knight A: "wait till you try and nod your head"

    Lol.  I had no idea I'd be laughing so much over this blog.  That's funny!

    I think this "Women's Card" thing can be a great thing for Hillary. Because things that are pro-women are also pro-family, pro-children, pro-military, pro-business, and pro-country.  There are so many clever ways to use this, and thereby to defang Trump on this.  

    Besides, he's already cornered the market on the "Ass-Hole Card."  No competition there!

    The contest between Hillary and Trump should be a real riot, all right.  I'm not counting out a Donald win, however.  I have no idea what goes on in people's heads anymore.  Curioser and curioser.

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