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    On Donna Brazile...

    ...yeah, no, I just can't.

    Except to say that I really don't believe that Bernie Sanders ever expected a warm embrace from the party establishment that he was explicitly running against.

    Also, the warm embrace of the party establishment does not seem to translate automatically into winning the general election, so there's that.

    Finally, Brazile's bit about replacing Clinton with Biden after the pneumonia episode seems like not a lot more than the musings of a stressed out manager during a hectic time.  I can't imagine that Democratic women voters would have been happy with a last minute switch the first time their carbon based candidate comes down with a pretty typical illness, but could you imagine if they had replaced Clinton with Biden, who didn't even run, rather than Sanders, the runner up? That would have ticked off everybody.

    So... I guess I can on Brazile, but not for very long.



    Brazile told CNN that she thought the campaigns waged a fair fight



    Except to say that I really don't believe that Bernie Sanders ever expected a warm embrace from the party establishment that he was explicitly running against.

    Excellent point! You so bad! So I will be, too:

    Kinda reminds me of: Don't cry for me, Argentina...

    I bet his bubbie yelled at him all the time: Bernie, you rabble rousing, again?!

    And then there's that oldie but goodie: all angst is good angst...

    “...from the party establishment that he was explicitly running against”

    Umm once you’ve been an elected politician for more than 30 years like Bernie you are the establishment, even if you say you are not. Just because people believe bullshit, doesn’t mean it isn’t bullshit. 

    Well, I agree with you.  But he was, by design, on the outs with the people we tend to think of as having the more important voices in presidential candidate selection. I mean, if his neighbor doesn't keep kicking his ass, Rand Paul will probably be in the senate for a long time, too, but he'll never be in the "in crowd" of the other team, unless the in crowd changes radically.

    Bernie may be some form of senatorial  "establishment," but not the Democratic Party Establishment, which he did indeed run against in every possible way.  He never was a Democrat; he just pretended to be one so he could use their resources.  

    Although I agree that he might not have expected a warm reception, he sure was willing to whine about rules that were in place long before he showed up, and complain about every detail he didn't agree with, bitter to the end about the "establishment."

    In the end he seems to have been pretty savvy for the Sanders Family; his net worth seems to have grown quite a bit, although it is really unknown, because, like trump he refused to show his taxes.

    Brazile was on with Chris Hayes last night. She soft-peddled on some of her harsh comments

    <iframe src='http://player.theplatform.com/p/7wvmTC/MSNBCEmbeddedOffSite?guid=n_hayes...' height='500' width='635' scrolling='no' border='no' ></iframe>

    Hey, book marketing is a tough gig. But Brazile doesn't want to go on TV sounding like one of those Unreasonable Men, which would make a great holiday gift for the history buff in your life.


    book marketing is a tough gig

    It appears that's an understatement in this particular case. In a link to a Digby post that Peracles just cited elsewhere, there's a snapshot of Fox News home page from Weds, meant to show how they were ignoring the election results. Instead, what I noticed is she's become a Fox News star! Donna gets two pictures, Trump only one. Clear that they wanted to make sure nobody missed her interview with Tucker Carlson...

    Of course - anytime you have the other side giving good soundbite...

    I am actually surprised all the places I am running across this sentiment

    Her reputation is really taking a hit.

    See my previous comment - reality has bit people hard. Stirring up fantasies will likely get shorter shrift this year. Fake news will have a harder time passing as real news - for a while, before we settle back into more comfortable habits.

    I give a great deal of credit for that to SNL and all our comedians for hitting on spinmeisters like Kellyanne and Spicey very hard and in brilliant ways, really I do. I said that the comedians will help us at the start of Trump's presidency and I think they have. Once ridicule of the worst, the "meisters", goes viral, people who only glance at news on occasion start questioning what they look at. The danger now is cynicism, the all politicians are lying shitheads thing. And for candidates to appear "authentic",. that's hard to do in this day and age when they've got to hire pros to help them out and then those pros are always making them second guess what they say. (On the other hand, Trump being Mr. Authentic true to self, that's a big fail, hah; even diehard fans wish he would quit with spilling out his id on Twitter.)

    Trump's as "authentic" and "believable" as a TV preacher. But I can't prevent people's willing suspension of disbelief. Yes, we happily accept lies if they build up our team, and we even use lies as a signal that we're on the team. That's just our basic psychological makeup, as confirmed more this past year or two.

    you make a good point, he is really a special case, there is no possibility of coming close to the meaning of authentic because: he is like a p.r. person working for his narcissist authentic self, who considers himself a talented p.r. person, rinse and repeat...scary it's like there is no soul there?

    Why the question mark? Why the hesitant "like" qualifier? Reality making you shy, or have you looked in his eyes and seen something I haven't seen?

    so 6 hrs. ago on The Real Donald Trump it's yay go Team Trump we are the yuge minority being picked on by the bully majority, but we are still here, can't take us down. Surprised it didn't go into the yuge size of the inauguration crowd:


    Congratulations to all of the ”DEPLORABLES” and the millions of people who gave us a MASSIVE (304-227) Electoral College landslide victory! pic.twitter.com/7ifv5gT7Ur

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 8, 2017


    He is not going away, even if removed from office, even if in a jail cell, gonna dig in his heels, attack attack attack anything anti-Trump, anti-Trump verifies the delusion, it means he not only exists but is a yuge spectacular draw, a star, all news is good news.

    (I paste the tweet so not another click goes there...)


    Huh. Is there more context to this, or is that it? https://t.co/40zZAN3iIJ

    — Annie Karni (@anniekarni) November 14, 2017



    She was discussing how she wasn't getting paid for her work at the DNC, the financial pressure it put on her and threw that in as a punchline at the end.

    — Karen Tumulty (@ktumulty) November 14, 2017


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