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    Adolf Hitler to be star of new NBC sitcom

    HOLLYWOOD – After decades of being reviled as history’s worst monster, Adolf Hitler has had a surprise resurgence recently, mostly as a result of entertainers like Glenn Beck and others bringing up his name so much. The new attention has paid dividends, however, as Patrick Duffy will star as Hitler in the new NBC sitcom “That’s So Hitler!

    “A whole new generation is coming up that haven’t been brainwashed by actual history,” said NBC employee Patrick Buchanan. “They just hear his name mentioned repeatedly nowadays and hear how ‘Obama is Hitler,’ and think, ‘hey, Hitler was Ok.’”

    The situation comedy, to be shot in Scottsdale, Arizona, will be based around Hitler’s relationship with his two teenager daughters. Beck viewer Victoria Jackson will star as Eva Braun, reports say.

    The show will be “hilarious and heartwarming,” and follow the wacky hijinx of the problematic Hitler family, say executives. The show already has at least one fan.

    “I can’t tell you how excited I am,” said Buchanan. “Because I’m a Nazi. So the humor should really be right up my ally.”

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    I can't believe they'd pass up a talent like that Tim Johnson. IMHO, dude has at least as much talent as Patrick Duffy.

    Maybe more.

    Gotta work better than Mussolini did on late night.

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