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    The COVID-19 Show on hiatus as ratings plummet and people leave their homes

    Despite stellar early ratings and a cast of guest stars that included Tom Hanks and Idris Elba, The COVID-19 Show is being put on hiatus due to dwindling viewership and a general lack of interest in the ongoing pandemic. Producers of the show will now retool it's format, but promise that the deaths will continue.

    “We feel that we can get interest in this virus back to where it was in the beginning,” said producer Michael Bay. “People are still in grave danger, but the plot just isn't pulling people in.”

    The controversial program was starting to come together and the industry was seeing the results of a cast of millions working together. The show had drawn a strong fan base of people unwilling to die or kill someone else via transmission. That unfortunately wasn't enough to for the show to continue being transmitted

    As Americans flood out of their homes into the streets, shopping malls, movie theaters, churches and Chuck E. Cheese pizza parlors, The COVID-19 Show is looking for a new structure and new characters to work with series star Donald Trump.

    Previously, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Deborah Birx, Mike Pence and a supporting cast of hundreds of thousands of sick people were featured on the show, but a shake-up seems to be in the horizon. Bay said the producers are looking to add a baby to the cast, as many shows have done over the years. Rumors are circulating that Jared Kushner is being considered for the part of the baby.

    “The baby character will most likely get the virus and die an awful death,” said Bay. “We're hoping dead babies get people more interested than dead grandparents.”

    The question remains – will the public once again get interested in The COVID-19 Show, after so obviously getting bored with it? Or will interest continue to wane? Bay said he's hoping for the best, but with a fickle public, it remains to be seen.

    The show appeared on all major cable news stations, seven days a week. Nearly 70,000 Americans died on the program, and more will continue to die whether people watch or not, said Bay.

    “For so long I've heard that people would rather kill themselves than watch a movie or TV show I produced,” said Bay. “But this is the first time they are actually doing it.”




    More singing - "Live and Let Die" was a brilliant start with its icy ironic humor, even if a bit Okay Boomer - plus tension builders like the "Act Natural" episode (featuring a socially awkward fundamentalist who calls his wife "Mother" and walks around shaking peoples' hands in a pandemic - think Peter Sellers meets Anthony Perkins).
    No place for this show to go but up.

    Nice illustration work on Rick Wilson's latest column forThe Daily Beast which sort of addresses "what kinda show is being offered up lately?"

    The Branch Covidians clustered tightly around their Prophet as he pried off the lid of the Fifth Seal with a spork.
    Nothing sells the protest against social distancing better than kicking starting the Apocalypse.

    Let's face it, the virus is the problem. Deadly microscopic pseudo-organisms aren't scary enough for modern audiences. They should recast COVID-19 as an Islamic terrorist or a T-Rex or a black dude.

    Michael, why do you always have to be so divisive? Why not a Nation of Islam rap-tor artist? Welcome to the terroristdome as the pandem anthem? One small step for man, 1 large hip-hop for mankind? Even SoCal distancing for the old school rap wars. We can do this - who needs T-Rex when we got streamed TV (all the young dudes, carry the news...)

    Wolfrum parody not so very far from reality:


    Paul Waldman of WaPo agrees, he's dreaming of a really big shew. Yuge:

    But George Conway just thinks it's way past time for the loony bin (maybe he knows for sure from pillow talk?)

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