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    Mass. Senate Update: Black Panthers! ACORN! Voter fraud!!

    MASSACHUSETTS – In a pre-emptive strike, Fox News, the GOP and the campaign of Scott Brown have come forward to file federal electoral complaints against the Black Panthers and the group ACORN.

    “The fact that I haven’t already been declared the winner shows that there is massive voter fraud going on,” said Brown, several hours before the polls closed. “I blame ACORN.”

    While there have been no reports of voting irregularities thus far in Massachusetts, Brown announced he has already issued numerous complaints and has sided with other conservatives who have said a Brown loss could only be the result of massive voter fraud.

    On Fox News, Glenn stated that Black Panthers are “All over the place.” As evidence, Beck played the following video of the Presidential election in November.

    “As you can see, Black Panthers are everywhere,” said Beck, who then began sobbing. “Black Panthers! ACORN! Voter Fraud!”

    While no Black Panthers could actually be found in Massachusetts, Fox News Host Sean Hannity said it made no difference.

    “A Coakley win is completely illegitimate,” said Hannity. “That the Black Panthers and ACORN even exist is enough for me to state – as fact – that every vote for Coakley is fraudulent and that the Barack Obama Administration is also illegitimate.

    “That there is no proof of voter fraud and never has been any proof is irrelevant,” added Hannity. “That I’m stating there is voter fraud is all the facts you need. Just know that all Democrats are fraudulent and Health Care reform is dead regardless what happens.”



    Are you kidding me?!  What kind of dribble is this?  I hope that people who read this crap are smarter than you.

    What kind of dribble is this?


    A crossover.

    I saw your feet move more than twice*. I'm calling double.

    *Or whatever the rule currently is.

    I can't speak for anyone else, but I read this crap, and I'm smarter than Wolfrum.

    Remind me again who has the sweet gig writing about golf in Brazil?

    Dammit, Nebton, did you have to play the golf blog card? Have you no sense of shame?

    Just because I can actually go play golf anywhere I want and get paid for it doesn`t mean that I`m smarter than Genghis.

    And no, I wasn`t able to type that with a straight face.

    hahahahah :)

    Limbaugh Fearmongers That MA Special Election May Be Stolen

    And yes, he mentioned ACORN.

    I would congratulate you on your prescience, but you don't have to be a seer to have predicted this one. Brilliant post nonetheless.

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