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    Michele Bachmann claims dogs are demons, Jesus is her hair dresser; All this & John McCain on Meet the Press

    Rep. Michele Bachmann’s (R-MN), known for her invented attacks on President Barack Obama, today announced that Hollywood is one big Hitler, that adorable little dogs are demons and that Jesus Christ does her hair.

    "He is just so good," said Bachmann.

    Thus will all be discussed next week, along with an exclusive 20-minute interview with John McCain while he bottle feeds a baby deer, next week on Meet the Press.


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    Near as I can tell, you seem to have real difficulties coping with intelligent women. It's as though their sheer existence challenges your manhood, and you feel the need to fire back. It must be difficult functioning in the modern world, which - Mr Wolfrum - possesses large numbers of HIGHLY intelligent women.

    Bachmann, however, is a facking embarrassment and an Epsilon B and people should keep scissors away from her.

    What a freak.

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