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    The Michelle Bachmann Dozens

    Michelle Bachmann is...

    ...so flaky that when she showers with Head and Shoulders, she disappears.

    ...so flaky that if she eats a Hershey's Kiss she becomes pan au chocolat.

    ...so flaky that she snowed in her own cross country bus tour.

    ...so flaky that when she goes to KFC, biscuits order her.

    ...so flaky that she could sell herself in Japan as panko under the brand name Pannko.

    …is so flaky that she thought the first primary debate would be held on the Food Network.

    …is so flaky that the Gorton’s Fisherman chases her around.

    …is so flaky that Eskimoes have 27 words for her.

    That is all.  Unless you have others!


    so flaky that Tony the Tiger's her dream running mate.

    ...is so flaky she might actually beat Barak Obama.

    You have Bachman

    An irritating disorder

    Phototherapy ......can be given as ultraviolet A (UVA) or ultraviolet B (UVB) light.

    Has Bachmann effected Boehner?


    She's so flaky you don't even have to frack her to get the gas out.

    Love this.

    The big difference between Bachmann and Obama is Bachmann is bat-shit-fucking-crazy. So you have no problem figuring out her motives and can easily second guess what she will do in advance.

    On the other hand, Obama is like an unopened book. However, once you flip to the first page you notice it's blank ... you have no idea where he stands on any issue and you get overly frustrated thinking he's going to lead the debate on the issues only to genuflect to the GOPer's and beg them with a pretty-please to be good sports and go along with his agenda.

    Perhaps the worst nightmare we could give the GOPer's would be for Bachmann to be President and the Democrats in both House and Senate play the same game the GOPer's have been playing against Obama ... turnabout is fair play.

    As for me ... I'm sitting 2012 out. No point in voting for someone who can't deliver.

    Big mistake.

    Doesn't matter. I'll not get anything close to my expectations with either ... they cancel each other out so it matters not which one gets elected

    As long as you feel good about helping a "bat-shit-fucking-crazy" woman become president, you're fine.

    Skip the emotional stress of the presidential race and just vote for the next two Supreme Court judges.


    ...that no two of her pronouncements are alike.


    ...that bells on bob-tails turn off their ringers when she speaks.

    Heres' the Republican ticket for 2012: Romney-Bachmann.

    The Fake and the Flake.

    I'd much rather see a Palin-Bachmann ticket. Just think of the entertainment value it would have.

    ...is so flaky that when she talks, the only things that come out are crumbs that need to be cleaned up afterwards.

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