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    My Gardener is a Beckerhead, and is Probably Attending Beck U & Other Oddities in American Life

    How do I know, he asked me if I was investing in gold or selling gold. OMG, this guy, even though he is a landscaper, or some such thing, has three kids, gets his health care from the state because he doesn't make much money, recevies food stamps, and aid to go to school. But he always rants about ObamaCare, socialism, fascism, etc! What? Yes you are thinking the same thing I am. However, Beck is ripping off poor folk, who don't know any better, and I feel bad for them. While at the same time, i wonder if I should fire him for being such a numbnuts.

    Oh well, I never fire anyone. So at least he has that.

    Gawker dropped a line to neo-Nazi, JT Ready, to find his thoughts about yesteray's Court decision dealing the Arizona's borders, you know, the "Let Me See You Papers Please", legislation. Incredibly, he spells almost everything correcty in his response. That was quite unexpected. If you do find the "one" error, let me know, you just might get a prize!

    And in News Oddities today, it's all about a bear in New Hampshire, who not only walked into a kitchen but stole a stuffed bear on his way out. Awesome, so damn awesome.

    Glenn Greenwald is taking a break from writing articles about Hating the Presdient with the White Hot Intensity of a Kajillion Suns, probably to write an entire book about his hatred,  political tribes, LOTE voters, his love of Ron Paul and Libertarianism, you know what he writes about daily. Every article is virtually the same:

    -Corporate control of media

    - Government control of media

    - Military control of government

    - "Empire" vs constitutionality

    - Globalism and resource control

    - Public themes for Imperialism

    - the merging of the two major US political parties

    - Elite Consensus vs Public Discourse

    Oh I digress.

    John Thune can't do math, and screws up his own plan to reduce the deficit.

    And a crazy interview with Jeffrey Lord, defending his thesis that Shirley Sherrod, is a lying racist. Shirley Sherrod is going to sue Andrew Breitbart, well good for her.


    JT Ready "spells almost everything correctly"? Them's fightin' words, tm. Let's see: "citizens' rights, asinine, air-conditioned" for starters. Then there are the random capitalization errors: "Circuit Court of Appeals, narco-terrorists." I used to do this for a living. What's the prize?

    And I hate to nag, tm, but you're still not spellchecking your own text. Just sayin'.

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