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    William K. Wolfrum’s Morning – June 15, 2010

    “Would you just stop it with the forsaking already?”

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    The most interesting thing to me about the much-over-hyped Tea Party movement is how easily it was for the organizers to get normal Americans to fight against their own self-interest. The overall level of ignorance at Tea Party meet-ups has been staggering. And what shows that these are die-hard ignoramuses is their reaction to the British Petroleum oil disaster. Pretty much everyone on the right, and especially on the far right, have refused to see that a corporation the size of BP doesn’t have to care about things like Freedom of the Press, liberties or anything else that’s not directly related to profit.

    Basically, the dream of the Tea Party aficionados is to have a very small government, which would allow corporations like BP to rule us all. And that’s just ignorant.


    Barack to Talk: President Barack Obama will be speaking to the public today from the Oval Office. Will he use the oil spill to kick off his push for energy legislation? Of course. But at least he’s not using an attack on the U.S. to start a war with a nation that had nothing to do with it.

    Please Hold: Have you called BP to complain about their destruction of the Gulf of Mexico? You may as well be talking to yourself.

    Death in Kyrgyzstan: All hell has broken loose in Kyrgyzstan, with nearly 200 killed thus far in rioting.

    Death to Jesus: So a big statue of Jesus was struck by lightning? He must have pissed off Dad.


    A Thin Sheen: Just because Charlie Sheen is a sexist, conspiracist douchebag is no reason to not let him run his cars into ditches whenever he gets the urge.

    Science Channel Goes Creationist: Hey, when Morgan Freeman is involved, how could the Science Channel refuse airing non-scientific creationist clap-trap?


    Brazil Takes The Field: It can’t be considered a World Cup until Brazil gets involved, and they’ll take the field today against North Korea. Barring a 30-goal effort from North Korea Leader Kim Jong-Il, look for Brazil to take three points in style.

    Japan Wins: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – when it comes to International soccer, Asia is the new Africa.

    Stay Out of Strip Clubs: Two of the bigger sports figures that I’ve interviewed in the past have had a bad week. First, UCLA coaching legend John Wooden died at age 99. Now, Titans QB Vince Young has some explaining to do about his recent adventure at a strip club. If Bo Jackson or Archie Griffin have any trouble, let me know.


    AmericaBlog: The good thing about Margaret Thatcher being in poor mental and physical health? It makes it easier for Sarah Palin to stalk her.

    Greg Mitchell: At The Nation, Mitchell gives you a cheat sheet and more links to start your Tuesday.

    FreakOut Nation: The South shall rise again! Gather your armies!

    LitBrit: Did you know BP had another oil spill going in Alaska?

    Tweet of the Day

    Fact: That little swingy thing in the back of your throat was originally called a Vuvuzela.”


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    I loved the item about Great Flaming Jesus. Especially the 911 call from a motorist asking if flames were supposed to be shooting from his right hand.

    The immediate question, of course, is how the hell can a statue catch fire, even if struck by lightning? Jesus stood in front of the Solid Rock Church, but obviously wasn't himself made of solid rock. I finally found a newspaper article that explained: "It was made of plastic foam and fiberglass over a steel frame, which is all that remained early Tuesday." Who knew plastic foam was flammable?

    The church says the statue will be rebuilt, though they don't know exactly how long that will take. C'mon guys, at least aim for three days.

    Clearly, someone's going to hell. Habs fan + this.

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