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    William K. Wolfrum's Morning - Bat Guano Crazy

    Vampire bats
    Bats. Why did they have to be bats?


    Pakistan Floods: Capitalism not stepping up to the plate to help out Pakistanis stuck in a watery hell.

    We Found the Oil!: How about that? It seems 80% of the oil spewed into the Gulf of Mexico is still there. Could this mean British Petroleum … gasp … lied to us?

    Iraq Violence: 50 killed by a suicide bomber, as the “victory” in Iraq gets increasingly bloody.

    Karzai Kicking: Afghan President Hamid Karzai orders all private security contractors out of the country within four months. In other news, U.S. begins drawing up “Time to Go, Hamid” assassination plans.

    Unemployment Lies: Five myths about unemployment.


    Batsanity: At least 500 people have been bitten by rabid vampire bats in Peru. Rabid Peruvian Vampire Bats. There can be nothing more terriofying, in my book.

    Forget Her Not: Michelle Philpot’s accident left her mind stuck in 1994. Meaning that at very least, she missed the entire Bush presidency.


    Rude Pundit: The families and loved ones of 9/11 victims don’t really have a say in what happens next in NYC.

    Media Matters: The further adventures of Maureen Dowd.

    Glenn Greenwald: Journalistic integrity is not applicable when dealing with OMG MUSLIMS!

    Talking Points Memo: Tea Partiers oppose Net Neutrality like good little GOP soldiers.

    Crooks & Liars: Pam Gellar led the anti-Mosque charge. Has the U.S. media gone completely insane?


    Don’t Drunk Dial Freedomworks. Just don’t.


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