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Romney Takes Michigan Forecast Lead

By Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight @, Feb. 24, 2012

On Thursday, I warned you to be cautious about assuming that Mitt Romney had retaken the lead from Rick Santorum in Michigan until we saw some concrete evidence for it. Today, it looks like we have some. [....]

Note: he has changed his forecast pretty drastically; right now he has Mitt at 67% chance to win and Santorum at 33%;  yesterday he had Santorum at 38.4% and Mitt at 36.8%.

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Krugman, new column:

....Almost surely, he is, in fact, a closet Keynesian....

and explains why, @ Romney’s Economic Closet

Does this mean that Mitt can actually take the United States of America into bankruptcy?

And does this mean I will be credited with the value of my Toshiba (1year old) and my 31 inch TV (9 years old)?

Oh and will his old corporations be able to resell stuff and lower union rates of pay?

These are the questions that try men's minds.

Women's minds?

Will they be able to have sex anymore?

Sorry but under a GOP administration and as a lower 99% non-GOP connected 'person' your property will be forfeited as collateral for debt obligations (CDO's) to cover your portion (and then some) of the national debt. It will wrapped up in a CDO by firms like Bain Capital, which will legally charge a fee of 5 pennies on the dollar per 12 month fiscal year, and the whole kit and kaboodle sold off Chinese investors or hedge funds at high junk bond interest most of your (our) stuff is junk anyway.

Unless you have protected your assets with a run of the mill off shore incorporation or Swiss bank account, you will be forced to deduct the buyback amount out of any spare cash you have and/or it will be deducted from any wages or 1099 pension payments you receive, including Social Security which will be administered by a cut out Cayman Island subsidiary of Bain Capital. Certain financial entities which will not be named for a statutory 25 years will have their national debt CDO buyback covered by 0% loans from the Fed discount window for the same period, renewable at maturity.

Why Mich. Catholics Favor The Mormon Candidate
by Sonari Glinton, NPR, Feb. 26, 2012

[...] One group that Romney does appear to have an advantage with is Roman Catholic voters — despite the fact that Santorum is Catholic and Romney is Mormon [....]

According to Public Policy Polling, Santorum's faith and image as a family man give him a boost in Michigan with Protestants, Evangelicals and those who consider themselves "very conservative." Some national polls differ, though.

Romney leads the field with moderates, "somewhat conservative" voters and Catholics, according to the Public Policy poll [....]

Santorum proudly advertises his theocratic sympathies to the national audience on broadcast Sunday talk show This Week:

JFK’s 1960 Speech Made Me Want to Throw Up

Perhaps in looking at some of the the breaking poll data  on Saturday, he decided it was time to scare more Independents and swings on national broadcast teevee in order to inspire every last crazed winger voter in Michigan to come out?cheeky

The Washington Post editorial board:

Rick Santorum shows he’s the wrong man to be president

LOL, I just went to check on Drudge & this is his big headline story:

Gingrich slams Santorum as 'big labor Republican'

By KEN THOMAS, Associated Press

NASHVILLE (AP) -- Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich on Monday slammed rival Rick Santorum as a "big labor Republican," accusing him of siding with unions over Memphis-based FedEx when the Senate grappled with a labor dispute in the 1990s.

Gingrich, the former Georgia congressman and House Speaker, is hoping to revive his struggling campaign in the South, and he tailored his message Monday to Republican voters in Tennessee. Although polls show a close race between Santorum and Mitt Romney, Gingrich challenged the former Pennsylvania senator and his conservative credentials....

Drudge probably sees it as qualifying as pro-Mitt spin; it's like: anybody who wins MI  pandering to labor folks is not a true Republican

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