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    Live Blogging the Democratic Debate (Without Watching) OPEN THREAD

    Opener.  Bernie looking confident.

    Bernie:  You're going to be first against the wall when the revolution comes!

    HRC: Bring it, Trotsky.

    Martin O'Malley -- will not be utilized for these purposes.


    HRC: I was actually a member of Seal Team 6, then.  Never mentioned it before as it was classified. We dumped him in Mississippi.


    Bernie: Guns wouldn't be a problem if people had unions.


    HRC: I can't tell if The Revenant is a great movie or just a shallow revenge tale.

    Bernie: The Hateful Eight does not seem to have lived up to Django, but I was always a Jackie Brown man, really. I think Quentin is just helped by having Elmore Leonard as source material.



    I strongly disagree with all the comments in this thread. 

    I strongly agree with all the comments in this thread.

    I wasn't able to watch the debate because I was too engrossed in the comments on this thread.

    Quoting Lincoln (supposedly )

    Go it, old Lady. Go it, Bear.

    Did Martin O'Malley's supporter show up? I hope so. 

    I wasn't able to watch the comments as I was too engrossed in the debate. What channel's it on?

    Obviously the other one.

    Whew, with all the gratuitous sex and violence, I thought the Democrats had finally become entertaining. Think I'll leave it here.

    Why are we making fun instead of debating the serious?

    Congratulations!  You all won the debate.

    They scheduled a debate during NFL playoffs? Go, Cam!

    Go Cam... GO CAM... Oh man... now, you and I are at war!


    Ah, very close.

    Where's the 12th man now?  Nana nana na na.

    Looking at the parking lot of the ski area, I'd say we all came skiing. I'm glad we are here extra early! 

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