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    Ben Roethlisberger's one chance to stay with Pittsburgh Steelers

    Now that the NFL has decreed that un-litigated rape is worthy a four-to-six-week suspension along with a “comprehensive behavioral evaluation by professionals,” the future of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is becoming slightly clearer.

    From my perspective, there is only one way Roethlisberger should be allowed to stay with the Steelers – he has to go all in. Ben Roethlisberger doesn’t just need his mind tested, he needs his mettle as a person tested. Because on the field, Roethlisberger is fearless. Off the field, he’s a coward.

    Let’s start this with a straight-forward premise: Ben Roethlisberger raped a girl at a nightclub. At very least, it was the second time he has run afoul of the law by abusing women sexually.

    Let me also state that as a life-long Steelers’ fan, I’m willing to listen to claims of bias here. But part of being a Steelers’ fan is pride in how they refuse to allow trouble to take over their team. Last week they just gave away Santonio Holmes for infractions 28 other teams would have ignored. So I like Steelers’ football and Steelers’ culture.

    Still, to me, Roethlisberger has just one shot to stay in the Black & Gold = he must become a feminist.

    Ben Roethlisberger needs to learn about his problem and learn some more. He needs to do a lot of listening before he starts talking. He needs to see that he has horrifying inner feelings about women. He needsa to learn why and how to change that. He needs to speak out for womens` causes and use his celebrity to help bring more notice to Sexual Abuse programs for women.

    And he must never back away from the allegations. He need not declare his guilt outright, but he must declare he is a sexual predator or something of that nature. He needs to stand by his past crimes as he works to change his image. And he must do it all because he wants to. Because he wants to respect women. Because he wants to be a good person. And it must be a life-time commitment.

    At this very moment, Ben Roethlisber is a danger to society. Unless he approaches his past deeds in a comprehensive, never-before-see way, I have no use for him. And neither should the Pittsburgh Steelers.


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    He should only admit to being a sexual predator is he IS a sexual predator. It's interesting how so many people are flat-out convinced that he's guilty as hell based off the testimony of three sorority girls who were all wearing "DTF" buttons. So an alleged victim's friends backed up her story (sort of). Well, actually, the police report made it sound as if the friends accused him, and then after some deliberation, she backed THEIR story up. Yeah, nothing suspicious about that.

    But hey, strength in numbers, right?  Instead of just one person, THREE people who were at that bar pointed the finger at him, so he's clearly guilty. Nevermind that Willie Colon's and Ben's other friends' testimony backed up his story... of course they're lying, they're his friends, right?  Friends lie for their friends!  Except when it comes to heavy-drinking sorority girls. They always tell the truth. Yeah, right.

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