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    Political newbie David Frum finds Palin's White-only ad "Remarkable"

    In her effort to make white moms her base, Sarah Palin’s PAC put out a video that showed just how much she loves (white) women.

    Highly connected, big shot political media pundit David Frum couldn’t believe his eyes. From Twitter:

    “SarahPAC ad. Kind of remarkable to see a Republican ad with not a single nonwhite face in any crowd scene.”

    Sure, David, it’s remarkable. No one could have anticipated Sarah Palin would aim for only the white vote. So maybe Frum finds it remarkable, but I find it rather banal and over-planned.

    And either Frum is hopelessly naive, or just a liar.


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    Did you even watch the video? I see black women @45 sec, the same black woman in a close up @47 sec, another black woman @1:04 sec, a black man @ 1:11 and 1:16. While the add did have mostly white women, it's a blatant lie to say she made it entirely with white women. I don't like Palin any more than the next guy, but lying is unbecoming and gives fuel to the crazies.

    Congrats on looking hard to find 2 secs worth of non-whites in 1:50 of vid.. If you want to call that lie, go crazy.

    And BTW: "it's a blatant lie to say I said she made it entirely with white women."

    This is a fun game ... spot the black woman in the Palin video.  Kind of like Where's Waldo, but not nearly so politically correct.

    But I guess I'm not as good at the game as you are.  I see an out-of-focus slightly olive or darker skin woman in the background at :45 and 1:04, who may or may not be black (she also may or may not be Native American / Italian / mixed heritage / tan / etc).  But yeah, a black man definitely appears in the far background for less than a second at about 1:04.  Kudos for finding him.  The black man at 1:11 and 1:16 is a cop who presumably is being paid to protect Palin from the black man at 1:04 (OK, that might not be a fair assumption).

    You inspired me to look.  I searched for the non-whites.....missed the black women...but I did see a black man at 1:15.  He had a radio mike clipped to his chest....looked like a security guard to me.

    I suppose those "other" Americans are good for something after all.

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