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    I graduated from High School in 1968.

    A decade later, I somehow found out that I had graduated High School in 1968.

    My first tome from Herodotus,  that I ever found was entitled:


    Now, even Microsoft attempts to correct this title.

    The correct title is now:


    Now the phrase: ‘An historical epic’ becomes ‘A historical epic’.

    This bothers me. I realize that some snots decided that when the ‘h’ is treated as a vowel, the article should be ‘an’ and when the ‘h’ is treated as a consonant, the article should be ‘a’.

    I really feel that An Historical epic, works better. So the grammar of 1900 differs from the grammar of 1968 and the grammar of today.

    There used to be an objective/accusative case.

    ‘To whom’ is now ‘to who’.  Microsoft Word agrees with the old rendition.

    Yet I come upon the latter phrase more often on the net.

    When did this crap happen?

    And as a kid I would pronounce ‘Washington’ as ‘Warshington’. Sometime around 1965, I figured out that there was no ‘R’ in Washington. So I amended my ways. And it took some time. I do not have an ‘acute’ ear, as it were.

    Gingrich always says: Warshington.

    Maybe it is the war factor but JFK did the same thing.

    Like ‘Cuber’ instead of Cuba!

    Just as an aside, this new Rush thingy about ‘nigga’ instead of ‘nigger’ is all right! Just an aside and I had a thought. Rush has absolutely no decent intents of course, but neither does Newt. However, just to be fair; when I think of JFK, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. And Newt and Rush hold no beauty for me.

    Now we are looking at robots writing our thoughts through computer language.

    Read Chaucer sometime.

    Then read Malory.

    Then read Shakespeare.

    Then read Soupy Sales for chrissakes. hahahah

    Our language changes all the time.

    I just cannot accept rap or hip-hop.

    Does that make me a racist?

    And I am not even discussing anger between the races.

    The tweets are just attacking all grammar. Hahahahah


    What the hell does that mean?

    I was captivated by my granddaughter when I met with her and her parents a year or so ago.

    She hates me, and for good reason. hahahah

    Precious just bounced between her mommy on one side of the table and her Daddy on the other side (with me); I had to stand up and let her between each changing of the guard.

    And all of a sudden she said:

    That’s Daddy (pointing to Daddy) and he’s Daddy, pointing to me and then she pointed across to the booth behind us and announced that He’s Daddy tooo. Hahahah There was a nice couple with two kids including THE DADDY. hahahaha

    Of course you can imagine that when she stood up to our fine waitress and yelled “poopy, poopy, poopy” there was no epiphany as they say.

    What the hell does ‘Daddy’ really mean, as a concept?

    He hath arisen from the dead; or thou shalt honor thy mother and thy father or….

    Language and translations shall always be with us.

    Are there standards?

    Well Washpo and NYT and The National Review and scores of other big time publications attempt to set standards?


    Okay, when I was a kid, Fluoride became an object of anti:communist propaganda.

    Well that kind of went away.

    Municipalities just decided that fluoridation was a good thing as far as hydrating the masses.

    At that time.

    Now Oregon, kind of a bastion of liberal views, keeps voting to get fluoride out of our waters?



    When I was a kid, the ‘small farmers’ were against DST.


    There are movements within several states to abolish DST.



    As I get older I guess, the more things change the more things remain the same and the more things change?








    I am having problems here, but it all shall pass.


    Well 'they' fixed part of the problem, but now it looks like I have all these replies. hahahaha

    I just realized that you may well be a guy named Miguel de Unamuno. In the Tragic Sense Of Life, he said

    • Glorious is the risk! — καλος γαρ ο κινδυνος, glorious is the risk that we are able to run of our souls never dying … Faced with this risk, I am presented with arguments designed to eliminate it, arguments demonstrating the absurdity of the belief in the immortality of the soul; but these arguments fail to make any impression on me, for they are reasons and nothing more than reasons, and it is not with reasons that the heart is appeased. I do not want to die — no; I neither want to die nor do I want to want to die; I want to live for ever and ever and ever. I want this "I" to live — this poor "I" that I am and that I feel myself to be here and now, and therefore the problem of the duration of my soul, of my own soul, tortures me.

    Moat you have me on this one. hahhaha

    I hereby render unto Moat, the Dayly Comment of the Day Award for this here Dagblog Site, given to all of him from all of me.


    And then I think and I wonder, who the hell am I anyway?

    What do I know, but your eloquence gets to me tonight!

    I had all these problems getting this posted but, here is a nice song:

    Strictly speaking, the award goes to this Spanish guy who is really annoyed that he isn't around to receive it. Or would really be annoyed if he was still around.

    Damn it, this immortality thing really screws up the tenses.


    Screw the tenses. hahahhaha

    Why is it that this psychotic feels you really understand what the hell I am writing about?

    I guess, in the end, I have hope.


    You wrote it, you gave proper approbation and that is enough for me.

    the end

    I love this song.  It is just soooo good, especially that organ solo in the middle.  Did you know that Del Shannon was the first American artist to record and chart a Lennon-McCartney tune in the U.S.?    He put out a cover of “From Me to You” which reached 77 on the Billboard chart in '63, about 6 months before the Beatles’ own American chart debut with “I Want to Hold Your Hand.”



    Oh this is after nap Mr. Smith. hahahaha

    I awaken and there you are!

    I can recall the first time I ever heard this song. And after three or four pages....


    But from Me to You? I hated I wanno hold your hand.

    The truth.

    Okay, now I have another ten pages...


    Thank you Mr. Smith.

    I love naps like this. hahaha

    John Oliver on "Last Week Tonight" asks, "Daylight Savings ... Why is this still 'a thing?'

    I did not see this before.

    Does anyone really know what time it is?

    It's twenty five or six to four ...

    I just caught this.



    Now? or is it one second later?

    Mr. Smith, You already know that time is fleeting. hahahah

    And I have played this song at least in 6? other blogs.

    But damn, this is the perfect site.

    Damn, you are gooooooooooood.

    Thank you!

    Have you heard about the hungry clock?

    It went back four seconds.

    Yeah Resistance, 'they' change the time. hahahahah

    Atomic clocks and astrophysicists. They actually change the time.

    I do not know why, but the very idea is hilarious.

    And yet, 'they' have a point, I guess.

    So we lost 4 seconds.

    Hell, I lost twenty years.


    Yes, Time is fleeting,
    and clocks are always running ...
    Nothing's standing still.



    I'm not sure about that Spanish guy. I think of you as a master chef creating a one of a kind entree. As you mix the ingredients I wonder how all of this could possibly work together. But then it does, and it's an unusual treat which is pleasing to the senses.

    Thanks, Mr. Day. I await your next special.   

    Oh Oxy.

    You make me feel almost viable. hahahahah

    Oh it is gooooooooooood to have friends, hahahahah


    But Mousie, thou art not alone (no thy-lane),

    In proving foresight may be vain:

    The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men

              Gang aft agley,

    An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,

              For promis’d joy!


    Still, thou art blest, compar’d wi’ me!

    The present only toucheth thee:

    But Och! I backward cast my e’e,

              On prospects drear!

    An’ forward tho’ I canna see,

              I guess an’ fear!”

    From “Tae a Moose”  by Robert Burns.  .

    I have more but it is late and my other dream-world calls to me.  I guess I will be back, an fear I won’t.

    But it is late and my other dream-world calls to me.

    This is easy.

    I hereby render unto Larry, the Dayly Line of the Day Award for this here Dagblog Site, given to all of him from all of me.

    My dream world calls.

    Damn, that is gooooood.

    And I have issues with Burns, at times. hahahahahah


    And so to bed....

    I am sorry I missed all this tonight.  I was over in face book.  That was after I made blondies with peanuts and chocolate chips.  I make my own laundry detergent so I started that.  It takes 2 days to do that.  The place smells like a laundromat. I got tired of buying HE laundry soap at $10 at a time.  Now I make 10 gal. of this stuff for $2.  I also make dishwasher detergent also.  It is a powder that hardens into cakes. I know I sound like a prepper.  What I am is a Urban ghetto survivalist. 

    I am just a couple of years older then you but I don't think about being old.  I hurt from head to toe some days but I got too much living that I am doing to have time for the count down.  I have had to relearn grammar several times over my life time.  I still stand in aw of spell check and google. My eleven year old edits me all the time.  In my world there is always new dragons to slay also.  

    Dag froze on me when I went to post the last comment but it did post in spite of the fact that it froze up. 

    God I love your Enya, but  I had to interrupt, knowing that I can go back.

    I had problems with Dagblog today, at least posting.

    But damn, I cannot really stay on Salon for the last few months and Dagblog is usually as good as the NYT for my HP. That is a fact.

    I shut down though freezing at least four times a day.

    Anyway, we shall keep keepin on and Dagblog is not a problem compared to other sites.

    And it is always good to hear from you, Momoe. hahhahaha

    You keep on keepin on.


    I thought you went to bed.  Chris, Ramona and Mr. Smith is my face book buddies.  I read all kinds of stuff from Washington Post and other sites tonight.  I even toured the biggest cave in the world over there.  Do you know that they have discovered how to put out fires with sound waves? They have started a whole bunch of baby redwood trees from the stump of a 1000 year old tree that was cut down a 125 years ago. Just imagine what genetic engineering that went into that. Unless the the stump was still alive with little trees.  But still great stuff to read. 

    This is ten days later.

    But you made me laugh so hard. hahahahah

    Yeah, I went to bed, and after an hour of not sleeping, I got back into it.




    I shall repair, ha:

    I am with you...I raise you one Jewel.

    It has been quite a bumpy 2 years and a few more ahead. 

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