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    24 hours w/o internet or cable the day before election: Hell on earth, or close to it.

    We've been on the road the last few days and now I'm sitting in a hospital cafeteria waiting for my husband to finish what I hope are routine tests.  Last night we stayed in a hotel that apparently didn't pay their cable bill because all I could get were local channels.  No political hashing and rehashing and regurgitating and explosive vomiting for over a day!

    No internet, either, but I had a couple of books with me, so I didn't have to resort to picking at wallpaper edges or drawing ugly faces in the window fog.

    This will be short, as I can't find a plug for my laptop and the battery will be losing juice soon.  I want to thank Genghis for inviting me to become a dagblogger.   (I'm probably as surprised as you are.)  He's done a fine job with this space and I have to say, I'm in awe most of the time at the level of discussions going on here.  Smart stuff, thoughtful stuff, and really, really funny stuff. . .

    That's it.  Not thinking straight this AM.  Just wanted to say thanks.



    Congratulations, Ramona.  I think Genghis and Artie made a great choice, bringing you on board.  And I hope everything is okay with your husband.

    Thank you, Lis.  He's been outfitted with a Holter monitor and has to wear it for 48 hours.  He's done it before and hates it, but he's had blood clots and A-Fibs, so they're keeping an eye on him.  I'm glad of that.  He's been around for so long now he feels like family.

    Yep, I noticed yer name up top there last night. Congratulations my Yooper friend! :)

    Thanks, Flower, my fellow Michigander.  Puttin' up the black drapes tonight.  Looks like Bernero doesn't stand a chance.  Wish it could have been a squeaker, at least.  17-20 points behind is mighty embarrassing.  Why Michigan wants a governor who sends jobs overseas over one who fights like hell for American jobs is beyond me.  It's a crazy world out there, with sure signs of getting even crazier.

    Hurrah! Another woman's voice among the Dagbloggers. Thanks, Dagbloggers .... and Congratulations, Ramona.

    Wendy, I don't know what those crazy guys were thinking, but I'm glad to be here, so I'm hoping they'll be distracted by other things and won't pay much attention to whats going on over there in my corner.


    This is agreat blog, thanks for introducing it to me.  You will be a great addition here.  Very disappointed about the national elections this morning, keeping the same govenor makes me want to cry.  Hope all is well with you know who..... he is kinda family now...lol.

    Nice to see you here.  The fact that you have the same governor (AZ) makes me want to cry, too!

    The old warhorse will be fine.  Tough as nails, as he would tell you.

    MY hero! I am sorry you had such a rough night my friend. Looking forward to future posts.

    Hey, Lora, looking for your next blog.  Go gettum, friend.

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