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    Noted William K. Wolfrum blog source Tim Johnson missing

    Tim Johnson and the bear

    TUPELO, MISS — Tim Johnson – a vital source to journalist and blogger William K. Wolfrum – has been declared missing after disappearing a week ago following a camping excursion. Johnson, 43, was last seen doing arm curls with a baby bear last Friday. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

    Johnson has been a featured source in numerous blog posts by Wolfrum, including:

    When reached for comment, Wolfrum conveyed his concern and sadness.

    “This is just awful news,” said Wolfrum, clearly aggrieved. “Now I need to come up with another fictional character name. This is really a tragedy.”

    Good bye Tim



    NOOOOOOOO.. who is going to be your new source?

    Will it be this guy? I understand he is a source for many other bloggers and if you have enough alcoho/money and are truly paranoid, he will be there for you. I know, I know you don't drink.

    NFW is he dead. He's just off riding the Appaloosa Highway or something. And if you harm a hair on his head, Wolfperson, there will be consequences.

    Have you checked out Wolf Blitzer's Situation Room, Wolfrum? Entire situations have been known to disappear from the floor of the Situation Room.  And shortly after being unsituated as the chair of the RNC, Michael Steele showed up on the Situation Room, but hasn't been seen or situated since. I think the two events may be situatedly connected. Or not.

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