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    The Snowe Job Game!

    Olympia Snowe is calling it quits as a Senator.  Apparently, she wants to rededicate her life to "help give voice to my fellow citizens who believe, as I do, that we must return to an era of civility in government driven by a common purpose to fulfill the promise that is unique to America."

    So, what will Olympia do?  How will she bring civility back to American politics?  Will she move to K Street and become a lobbyist for Civility?  Will she accept a fellowship at the supposedly non-partisan Brookings Institute, where she can spout Republican ideas behind the shield of centrist credentials?  Maybe she'll be brought on as an Op-Ed columnist by The Washington Post, representing the left, of course.

    Whatever path she chooses (I predict it will include many high paying corporate board positions) her credentials as a "centrist," have been established, so she will never have to endure much public criticism for anything that she says or believes.

    Well, those are my ideas for her. Lobbyist for Civility, Op-Ed Columnist "from the Left," Think tank fellow or, ooh, I know!  Newspaper Ombudsmen!

    What do you all think that Snowe should do with her time?



    I just hit this in the news section.

    How many times has this woman sat with the filibuster (kinda) holding up dem nominations and such?

    Any way:

    I'd be happy if she took her time and used it, burning in hell.

    She was the sort of useful idiot the Republican Party needed when  they needed to appear open to sane and/or caring individuals. 

    Civil. What an asshole she was/is.

    All those filibusters; all those dem nominations sitting in purgatory; all those 400 + bills Pelosi passed for naught.

    It is really difficult to disagree with your assessment.

    You have to admit, the looney far right has left politicians like Snow out in the cold.

    The good news is there's better than good chance a Dem will take her seat.

    As far as her statements in her resignation letter, it would have been a hoot if instead she announced she was switching to Dem ticket.  

    Her future I'm sure is already decided and confirmed.  She doesn't strike me as one who would jump first and check for safety net later.

    If you're going to disappoint your Republican colleagues by leaving the Senate, why not disappoint them by staying and showing greater independence from them?

    Even becoming an independent and caucasing with the Democrats?

    It's often said of someone who disagrees vehemently with the organization he works for that he should quit in protest.

    But why?

    If you disagree with what's happening, why not stay and raise holy hell? Isn't that more useful and courageous and even honorable?

    If she really disagreed with her Republican colleagues, then she should have stayed in voted against them, cut a chink in their obstructionary armor.

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