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    Welcome to the Roland Burris Fundraising Jugger-NOT

    When we last left our hero, Roland Burris had submitted amended testimony to indicate that he maybe did have those conversations about fundraising for Rod Blagojevich that he had previously adamantly denied. He got confirmed anyway and the people of Illinois moved on to bigger issues, like which shade of green to dye the Chicago River for Saint Patrick’s Day.

    But today, the Chicago Tribune is reporting on the fundraising efforts of Senator Burris during the first quarter of 2009. To say that the senator has been preoccupied with other things is a bit of an understatement. In sum, the senator collected $845 in campaign contributions in all of January, February, and March.


    I’m pretty sure if I stood at State and Randolph for three months with a sign that said “Unemployed, Please Help,” I could collect at least that much. Probably more.

    So, things are looking bleak for the junior senator from Illinois. Especially considering he has accrued a tab of just over $111,000 in legal bills from those pesky ongoing ethics probes. Even more especially because at least on fellow democrat has raised over a million dollars for his intended 2010 primary challenge.

    Not to worry. Burris is ramping up his effots, holding his very first fundraiser this weekend. And where he can’t compete financially, look for race baiting to fill the void.

    The 2010 campaign season is sure going to be fun.



    Under $10 a day! And this is the guy who was supposed to fund-raise for Blago.

    I am guessing this will not go on his pre-carved sarcophagus or whatever it is.

    Isn't he 1 of 50 Senators? So, what's 2% of $1 trillion?

    1 of 100 actually. Well, 99. Until Norm Coleman stops being a fucktard.

    Sorry. Ok, lemme see. 1% of $1 trillion.... nought, nought... carry the nought. I figger he'll be alright Ellie Mae.

    Yeah, but that's taxpayer money, which makes it, basically, MINE. And I'm not donating to a potato head like Roland Burris.

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