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    William K. Wolfrum’s Morning – July 27, 2010


    Paul Briggs does an outstanding imitation of how the Obama Administration handled the Shirley Sherrod video nontroversy.


    Wikibombing: How will the U.S. react to the Wikileaks developments? Mostly with denials and bombs in Afghanistan.

    Wikileaker Speaks: Julian Assange tells you all about his mission, getting the word out before the death squads show up.

    The Money Hole: An audit shows $8.7 billion in Iraqi funds is unaccounted for. A nickle here, a dime there …

    Islamaphobia: As a matter of fact, that Islamic Center won’t be built at Ground Zero.

    He, Al Franken: The Senator talks Democratic agenda and Net neutrality: “Net neutrality is the First Amendment issue of our time.”

    BP’s Loss: British Petroleum announces Tony Hayward is out and that they’ve lost $17 billion after being unable to control its product.

    Back in Iran: Russia once again stands between Iran and the West.

    Blogging Warren: Bloggers love Elizabeth Warren – maybe because she’s one of them?

    Pakistan’s Double Play: NY Times Magazine’s look at how Pakistan is playing both sides.

    Jailbreak!: It’s your iPhone. Now you can do what you want with it legally.

    Today in History

    1967: The first ATM machine was installed. The line was ridiculous.

    What Scientologists Really Believe

    A fool and his money need to be audited.”


    Good As You: What NOM really wants.

    Sadly, No!: Erick and the Angry Inch.

    Daily Kos: As shakedowns go, it doesn’t seem that British Petroleum has gotten the $20-billion memo.

    Tweet of the Day

    Breaking: Andrew Breitbart admits release of edited Sherrod tape was result of “massage gone awry.” And meth. Shitloads of meth”


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