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    Dag's New Digs

    Dear friends,

    Dagblog will turn six years old this September, which is 42 in blog years. Like many of us in our forties, the site has become a little chunky. OK, I'll be blunt. Dag's fat. Way fat. 9290 blog posts, 442 creative posts, 5250 news links, and 109,567 comments. Along with williamkwolfrum.com, who hangs out on the same server, dagblog often violates the 640 MB RAM limit, which is why it's been stalling and crashing so often.

    We thought about putting dag on one of those newfangled blog diets that eliminates every third word or prohibits the use of consonants, but the supporting evidence is dubious, and we figured that dag just wouldn't be dag without consonants.

    After vigorous debate, deep mediation, and a spectacular pillow fight, the Dag's Too Damn Fat Investigation Committee has concluded that dag has outgrown its facilities. Yes folks. We're moving.

    Here's the test site for the new dag: http://dagblog.qounsel.com. We've got a bigger server and a much needed upgrade to Drupal 7. The site is not quite ready for prime time yet. We need to bang away on it and find the bugs so we can get them fixed before we go live.

    Can you help? Try out some blog posts, links, comments, contacts, etc.. Anything you write on the test site will be wiped out when we go live, so go crazy. I mean, not too crazy, but sorta crazy. If you find a bug, please note it here or there or somewhere that I can see it.

    One other thing. In the past, I've done all the tech work myself, but I'm short on time and hired a Pakistani developer for $438.36. That ain't much for a website, but on top of paying for two servers during the migration, it's a little pricey for me, and I'd welcome some help if you can spare it. Here's the paypal link. Please contribute any amount you feel comfortable with, and don't worry if you can't afford to donate right now.

    During the testing and bug fixing period, the old dagblog will still be going strong in its usual place, and all the comments and blogs will be moved over when we go live.



    Sold, good luck.

    Sounds fine to me.

    I knew something was going on when 'the hits' function became 90 days old. hahahah

    But I made the cut so, what the hell.

    Yeah I will donate $25.

    I assume I hit DONATE? and give a credit card number?

    Paypal took care of my contribution, three years I argue with them and now they recognize my PIN or whatever it is called.


    Now I promised all the folks there aint no Taleban or Al Qaida involved in this?


    This is unbelievable. I realize I've posted repeatedly that we must support the sites we use and if we care about quality news we need to help news sites find a viable source of income on the internet. But I never thought that anyone would take me seriously or that I would be asked to translate my words into actions.

    Where is the internet I was promised, where I could rant without accountability and never be expected to take responsibility for anything I post?

    (sigh) those days are gone. I sent you some money.

    Thank you, everyone. I really appreciate the contributions. I'm happy to pay to keep dag going, but this makes it a little easier.

    That said, I don't just need contributions. I need testing! trkingmomoe found one bug, but I'm sure there are plenty more. If we don't catch 'em now, all hell will break loose when we switch over. So get your asses over to http://dagblog.qounsel.com, and try to break that thing!

    PS If anyone tried to contact me via the contact page, it hasn't been working for like a week. One more reason to move over to a new site. In the meantime, you can email me at [my last name]@yahoo.com.

    I thought it was only fair to donate the same I just ponied up for TPM Prime.  I did it there because I wanted to stop all the ads.  There are still ads, but fewer.  Anyway, glad to help the cause.  I will go over to the new site and play around as soon as I get a chance.  Hosting a party early evening so much to do.

    Just want to thank you, Michael, for all your hard work keeping this site going.  It's a hidden treasure and I wish more people knew about what a great bunch of regulars we have here.  

    I sort of make fun of it over on that temporary site, but you know I really love everything about it. 

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