75th anniversary of VE day

    Was there, lived through it. Never paid much attention to that Brexit thing?

    (Since we were talking "greatest gen" on another thread, came to mind Liz actually is a very good representative of her generation, it'slike it's the only generation she "gets".)


    The Beeb on the speech and other UK celebrations of  the day:

     VE Day: UK's streets not empty as filled with love, says Queen

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    That was very good.

    Oops, VE Day-1 it seems - jumped the gun, ruined the parade.

    (similar accomodations were made to have the Americans hold up in Pilsen so Russians could "liberate" a largely abandoned-by-Germans Prague.)

    Another anecdote from Is Paris Burning? where a radiojournalist flew to London for critical dental surgery, secure in the knowledge that Paris liberation was weeks away, only to hear on the way that a secret agreement with Allies and an insubordinate local German commander had allowed a French unit to slip in for the coup-de-grace ahead of schedule (and before the city could be detonated under Hitler's orders).


    "And I will be Queen..."
    All heroes.

    that's just so fabulous, essence of Brit. I think the crowning touch is not her dragging out a crown is Fripp's wearing the stuffy formal shirt, tie and "jumper" and standing still.

    Of course that's what Fripp's done for decades...



    Ooh I saw that but didn't click on it, thank you for giving me a second chance.

         One of my professors opposed World War II because of the internment of Japanese-Americans. I say he was a moral idiot. He was a World War II veteran.

    Many heroes are idiots - quite a few self-confessed.
    I doubt his recalcitrance made much difference to the draft board,
    in the case he didn't enlist like most everyone.
    Plus regrets often come later.

    That's a very profound reminiscence, Aaron.

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