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    We find ourselves with the single most repugnant personage as President of the United States of America.

    And yet, there are other things to worry about. hahahah

    I spend too too many hours viewing these new YOUTUBE sites? Or Ipod espressos?

    I see sites like Cenk and Seder and a number of other sources whilst I languish in my own idiocy.

    It is just that I viewed this Pakman kid.


    But watch this from some kid named Pakman:




    And this kid discovered these evil evil ministers discussing their private jets?

    And I was so very taken by this expression of hypocrisy that I actually had to run to the bathroom.

    How low might some supposed Christians take us?

    There are good Christians.

    Those against Slavery hundreds of years ago used the Bible.

    And Martin Luther King Jr. espoused Christianity as his basis for his cause.

    Seder and Cenk and so many others attack the hypocrisy of the Evangelicals; and for good reason.

    But this Pakman kid just showed this video and I got so goddamn mad....

    The public represents the demons.

    The lost become the most despicable among us.

    The poor have not reached the bar of salvation.

    Oh, these ministers of sinister sermons might say:


    There is no context for this evil.

    Send me money and I will send you holy water that might cure your cancer.

    We all watch these ads on TV.

    No taxes from the church leaders!

    No justice from the church leaders?

    I must stop here or I will write for another 20 pages.

    Maybe later.

    But Pakman has really underlined my hatred for the Holy Hypocrites. hahagaha

    However, the Rolling Stones might chime in here:









    Oh I thought of this song since no one replies. hahahaha

    No reason really.

    But sometimes I feel there is no reason really. hahahha

    I just like this band.

    Dick... Here ya' go...

    Let my dearly departed next door neighbor lay it out like it should be laid.



    Hahahahahaha ,,, Hah!


    Hi Ducky! ha

    It aint necessarily so. hahahah

    Can you imagine, hypocrisy so high that this demon summoned Jesus Christ to his private plane and tells us that Jesus wished for HIM to purchase a new jet plane?

    Send us a grand and ye shall find ten grand. 


    I just kept thinking of another Minnesotan who was exiled to Colorado:

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