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    Bearing the burden of incompetence

    Cast your mind back to the furor that surrounded the aborted promotion of Doctor Ronny to VA administrator, a brouhaha which echoed recently as Jon Tester felt the (impotent) sting of Trump's continuing sulk.


    Along with the vacancies that have made swiss cheese of the diplomatic corps, it emerges that the VA is replete with unfilled, yet essential, jobs.


    You cannot, for example, fake IT professionalism--the blue screen of death will not be placated by punchy tweets.


    Thus, the next homeless vet you pass may well be a college student, fully vested in the GI Bill of (irony knows no limits) Rights.


    Housing stipends, like tuition remittances, require digital events in order to flow.


    Digital events are subjject to the inexorable laws of professionalism, and, let's face it....


    Trump don't give a fuck.

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