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    I came upon the greatest holiday musical comedy of all time.


    Christian Bale plays the drums.

    This cinematic masterpiece chronicles events occurring between the years of 2002 and 2008.

    And yet I am reminded of my belief that George W and Dick Cheney (portrayer of Darth Vader) were the worst of the worst capitalists to ever hold the Oval Office.

    Bale plays this MD genius whom, evidently, becomes bored in his attempt at healing the sick AND DECIDES to  become rich instead.

    So Bale ends up heading his very own hedge fund on Wall Street.

    Bale soon discovers that there is trouble right there in Wall Street City with regard to mortgage bundling.

    So this character notifies the SEC and other governmental agencies about these discrepancies.

    He has discovered the discrepancies during his tenor as genius CEO of this paper kingdom.

    He receives no responses to his inquiries.

    So Bale's character sells all these mortgage bundles short.

    Steve Carell plays this guy Baum (but this name is a substitute for the name of some other real prick)

    Baum is consistently presented as a man under an umbra of deep depression.

    Baum keeps looking into the mortgage bundles and discovers underlying discrepancies with regard to these 'secured' loan investments.

    He learns that eventually there is no security in these securities at all.

    Baum then decides to sell short.

    Pitt (a producer of this cinematic masterpiece) plays a man who had turned his back on Wall Street--after he had made his billions.

    Pitt's character is lured back into the big mire of evil due to the entreaties of two kids who also had discovered discrepancies in the Wall Street Book of Mortgages.

    Lord please let this cup pass my lips.

    But this character smells dollar signs...dollar signs so big that he cannot pass up the opportunity

    Now, selling short can backfire.

    What if the banks default and go into bankruptcy?

    Well then characters like those portrayed by Pitt and Bale and Carell could not reap the benefits of their clairvoyance.

    So the real issue becomes an issue of timing.

    In the end, all of these pricks sell their shorts to the architects who were originally responsible for this economic mess in the first place.

    I am presented with this musical comedy one year following its first release.

    But I predict that this film will become as important to our December viewing as Christmas Story or Mr. Smith Jumps Off the Bridge....



    We are about to lose my favorite President. At least my favorite President in my lifetime. I now witness the end of this Administration and the new Administration led by an orange clown.

    But what have I lost really?

    I just received my first raise in Social Security benefits in three years I received my first check today.  I now receive three more dollars a month. Except, they now deduct 118 bucks a month instead of 115 bucks for Medicare.

    Now what in the hell could the orange Satan do to further fuck me over?

    George W and Darth Vader are looking better and better lately, at least to me.

    I will most probably lose 16 bucks worth of food stamps every month.

    This loss will mean nothing.

    We will have some fascist in charge of HUD so my rent might go up a hundred bucks.

    But I will get by; I will survive.

    Medicare? You know the med plan Ryan wishes to destroy?

    I became very ill last week. My son's third visit was interrupted when I awoke at 3AM with a face swoolen like a ripe melon. I instructed him to take me to the ER.

    We end up in the ER at 7 or so.

    Who is with you?

    My son.

    What is your telephone number?

    Sean? (Hell I do not know my goddamn number)

    A doctor soon sees me and my dire straights and issues an RX for antibiotics and a touch of pain killers and we are off to the races; or at least the drug store that will open in an hour or so.

    Just a note.

    I have not paid into some other Medicare plus fund. I mean ten percent of my entitlement goes to Medicare anyway. But if I had paid into some other fund at $24.50/month, my drugs would have cost twelve dollars.

    INSTEAD the drugs cost me $23.00.

    So I end up paying an extra 9 bucks but saved five hundred bucks by not paying into a plus fund?

    Anyway my melon has shrunk to normal (normal for me anyway) and I have two more days on the regimen.

    The swelling is gone and so is the pain.


    And yet I have found God throughout all of these goings on.

    Seany brought over the pixies over to my place last week. We entertained my granddaughters in the community room a few days after Xmas.

    I am getting better and better at picnics.

    Olives and grapes and baby carrots and peanut/jelly sandwiches and watered down Kool Ade and separate bottles of water and...

    Oh the smiles I received from these pixies!

    They demanded nothing although they enjoyed the cut up candy bar.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I watched the two older siblings run around the 1500 ft? center that no one else was using.

    They found vending machines and puzzles and the bingo stuff. (do not tell anyone but O-62 might not show up next Monday?)

    Finally they discovered the piano.

    They both sat up to the instrument and banged whilst they sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. hahahahah

    Twenty or more seniors sauntered into the room. All they really wanted was to see the little pixies. ha

    These folks smiled and laughed and were generally uplifted by the antics of my pixies.

    I had the opportunity to hold little Willow (now 8 months old)

    Normally an eight month old just attempts to put fingers in my eye or nose or mouth.But Willow only used her little paws to touch my cheek, gently.

    She smiled at me all day and even laughed.

    I said:

    Have you ever seen anything this ugly in your entire life?

    Sean said:

    Dad, we have been to Walmart.


    So I was holding Willow and she takes her little hands and puts them on my head and then proceeds to smash her little face, mouth open, into my cheek.

    Sean says Willow only chooses to perform this 'kiss' on Mommy or Daddy.

    Anyway, I felt touched by the hands of God.


    Oh and if you are rich and wish to be touched by the hands of the orange god, be sure to rent a place at some Trump Tower in your area.













    Glad your melon's back to normal, Signore Day. 

    Big Short didn't pass the smell test for me. Bunch of plucky perspicacious pricks fleece a bunch of retirement funds. Yay. cool. good for them. Love your summary of the Pitt character: sickened by Wall Street until he sees just how much he can make this time around. hahah 


    Happy New Year Punch this saggy wrinkled tangerine scrotum of a new year in the penis, Dick!!

    I hereby render unto Obey the Dayly Line of the Day Award for this here Dagblog Site awarded to all of him from all of me  for this insight:

    Bunch of plucky perspicacious pricks fleece a bunch of retirement funds.




    Little Willow has your number, Dick.  You've always said that little ones - especially those related to you - have never particularly liked you.  What's the word you've used?  Right!  They "hate" you.  While certainly never true with any of them, it sounds like a small person has come along who shares a piece of your ... whatever that thing is about you that makes you so damnably you.  Watch out world!  ;-)

    Missy, I might put this in another blog later on.

    Anyway, prior to my Son and his family arriving up to the Great White North, I am told that Mommy and Daddy are relaxing on the couch. Mommy is attempting to read a book and Daddy is viewing the silliness on the TV.

    Precious asks Daddy:



    Daddy says:

    Well thank you Noella.

    Mommy furiously breaks off her reading, staring at Daddy. hahahah

    And Precious brings Daddy a new beer.


    Mommy notes that this will never happen again.


    Now this hearsay represents the true spirit of Christmas.


    Hey Dick... Nice...

    This man knew... What the Pixies know . . .

    “Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them”

    ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

    Now... Enjoy Melanie... "Brand New Key"... Forever a child...

    You know she doesn't receive royalties for writing the tune.

    Here's the other video.directly from Melanie with her story.


    Ducky, for heaven sakes. I know this song.

    I never put it together with Melanie.

    Thank you

    Missed you Happy New Year !

    The year the Meistergrifter von Gropenpussy becomes the 45 president.

    Couriers are back to replace emails and all that computer stuff.

    Julian Assange is hired and the FBI, which agents spent their summer reading Clinton Cash, watching Fox News on company time, and rabidly supporting Trump, are all fired for that Russian nonsense.

    JCTC commented:  Trump heads the new party coalition consisting of Luddites, the Tea Party, The Know Nothings, the KKK, The Gilded 1%ers, the gun lobby, The Ayn Rand Society, the Christian Taliban, the Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy, and the Friends of Putin. What could possibly go wrong?

    NCD, for heaven sakes t!

    I hereby render unto NCD the Dayly Word of the Day Award for this here Dagblog Site, given to all of NCD from all of me for this gem:



    Nothing like the krauts to make sausage taste so very very good and to translate into English the very best.


    This don't have nothing to do with your post but I thought this would crack you up and give you a big laugh. Happy New Year.

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